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The permeation resistance of the breathable brick depends on the width of its slit(white fused aluminium oxide), the wettability of the material of the breathable core to molten steel, etc. studied the dissolution of magnesia-chromium refractories with different Cr2O3 content in the refining slag outside the furnace(high purity alumina price), and studied the dissolution kinetics of MgO-CaO and iron-chromium refractories in the refining slag outside the furnace.

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Due to the increase of refining temperature and extension of the refining cycle during the steelmaking process(brown fused alumina), the high-aluminum breathable bricks originally used can no longer meet the requirements of the refining process, and the magnesia-chromium breathable bricks can solve the problem of high-aluminum breathability(60 grit aluminum oxide). The problems of bricks have attracted the attention of researchers and technicians.(cheap brown alumina abrasive factory south korea)

Using sintered corundum or fused corundum, chromium oxide as the main raw material(silicon carbide grit), adding micropowder and additives, the chromium corundum air-permeable brick made has excellent slag erosion resistance, permeability, wear resistance and erosion resistance. , Played an important role. Reduces the labor intensity of workers(pink aluminum oxide). The formation of steel infiltration will affect the effect of argon blowing in severe cases.

(cheap brown alumina abrasive factory south korea)has researched and developed a new type of dispersive osmia corundum integral air-permeable brick(brown aluminum oxide), which reduces the consumption of refractory materials and improves the ladle operation rate. Chrome corundum air-permeable bricks have excellent performance in terms of erosion resistance, slag erosion resistance and permeability, but their shortcomings in thermal shock resistance make them prone to cracks during use.

The corundum-spinel air-permeable brick made of plate corundum as the granular material(aluminum oxide polishing grit), fused white corundum, pure calcium aluminate cement, spinel, etc. as fine powder, is significantly better than iliac corundum in thermal shock resistance Breathable brick, and it also has excellent slag resistance, permeability resistance and peeling resistance(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). In addition, because chromium is a heavy metal, it pollutes the environment.(cheap brown alumina abrasive factory south korea)

There is an urgent need for a high-quality new type of ladle breathable brick to replace Ming corundum breathable brick to meet the requirements of steel production(brown aluminium oxide). Therefore, traditional chromium corundum is prone to cracks during use due to its insufficient thermal shock resistance, causing molten steel to easily corrode the bricks along the cracks(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media), and even affect the effect of argon blowing.

(cheap brown alumina abrasive factory south korea)Li Sumei, Zhou Zhaobao, etc. aimed at the small corundum split breathable bricks used by Anyang Iron and Steel for many years in refining ladle(white aluminium oxide). In addition, with the development of steel-making technology, and steel-making ladle has gradually become larger, in order to meet the needs of large-scale ladle, namely corundum-spinel(220 grit aluminum oxide), the requirements for breathable bricks are getting higher and higher.

The molten steel can easily penetrate into the surrounding of the breathable brick through the brick gap, thus accelerating the erosion of the ladle breathable brick(black aluminum oxide). In order to solve this problem, a new material Instead of permeable bricks, to replace the traditional chrome corundum permeable bricks(aluminum oxide 16 grit). We can see that there are some differences in the performance of the two types of breathable bricks.

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