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The time mark of SOE is the time mark of each device when the event occurs(aluminum oxide abrasive). All kinds of equipment with redundant configuration shall be able to automatically switch to standby equipment. The alarm of the event should be able to be processed by layers, levels and categories, which can filter the event and flexibly configure the alarm processing mode on site(brown fused alumina powder). The electric energy is accumulated by time and direction.

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When the power supply is restored, the system shall be able to restart(white alumina). When the general software is abnormal, it shall be able to automatically resume normal operation; The unit control level equipment should have the functions of online self diagnosis and self recovery, and should have the function of hot plugging and replacing L / O module(aluminum oxide grit). The personnel should have special password for switch opening and closing, protection switching on and off, etc.(cheap brown alumina abrasive manufacturers philippines)

Voltage and current fault recording(silicon carbide abrasive). Technical statistics: according to the operation requirements of the current, voltage, power, electrical measurement, frequency, temperature, DC series voltage hours, current hours of the whole point meter reading cumulative, equipment operating condition time statistics(garnet abrasive). The collected real-time data should be stored in a fixed period (or random) updated real-time database in a certain format after necessary preprocessing.

(cheap brown alumina abrasive manufacturers philippines)The latter is the abnormal signal of switch state (such as the upper limit and lower limit of analog quantity u, 1, F, Q, kwh, cose and kvarh set by the host(black corundum), the upper limit and lower limit exceeding the limit), which is caused by the abnormal event of the integrated automation system. Classify and record the date and event of alarm event(synthetic corundum). The alarm event starts the accident recall. The load rate, loss and economic operation of transformer are analyzed.

When the relevant meter is set, the electric energy data should be based on the data collected by the meter(green silicon carbide). Statistics of bus voltage unbalance and qualified rate. The normal operation and accident trip times of circuit breaker, tap adjusting gear times, equipment switching, channel abnormality(garnet suppliers), operation time of main equipment and various operations within the integrated automation range are automatically recorded and counted.(cheap brown alumina abrasive manufacturers philippines)

Safe operation days accumulated(pink corundum). Provide calculation tools, sort out real-time data and record all electric quantity. It can output important power real-time load curve (instantaneous, hour, shift, day, month) automatically or by calling tabulation printer. The monitoring unit is required to measure all electrical parameters(emery abrasive). Control operation record, protection action record, system setting record and communication fault record.

(cheap brown alumina abrasive manufacturers philippines)Record the DC current of a and B cabinets of 6 rectifier units, total DC current of each unit, total DC current of each series, DC voltage, current hour(black silicon carbide), voltage hour and power hour; daily action times and cumulative action times of on load tap changer and action times of circuit breaker. Print the average or accumulated value of voltage and current and the curve of current and voltage every hour(steel shot abrasive). In case of power failure, the system shall give an alarm in time.

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