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Cheap Brown Aluminium Oxide 24 Mesh Factory Saudi Arabia

The magnetic pole distance, that is, the gap between two magnetic poles, the closer the distance between the brown fused alumina magnetic poles, the smaller the magnetic resistance of the air part of the magnetic circuit, the higher the magnetic field strength, which is beneficial to the magnetic separation. The speed at which the aluminum oxide abrasive material passes through the magnetic separator is the residence time of the magnetic object in the magnetic field.

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This time cannot be too short, because the brown aluminum oxide magnetization process of magnetic particles can not be generated in an instant, but gradually with the time in the magnetic field. The loading of the magnetic separator, the main factor that determines the amount of loading is the specific magnetic coefficient of the synthetic corundum material and the thickness of the particle size. From 54.3% to 5.3%, denser products can be obtained with this clinker.(cheap brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh factory saudi arabia)

This is why the magnetic separator is made into multi-stage magnetic rollers. In order to improve the brown aluminium oxide magnetic separation effect and make the magnetic content of the product reach the standard, the rotation speed of the magnetic roller is required to be capable of stepless speed change. Therefore, black silicon carbide and its speed is slightly slower; to select weak magnetic materials, the material cannot pass through the magnetic separator too quickly.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh factory saudi arabia)In this way, the upper roller is mainly used to select pure iron, white alumina and its rotation speed is fast; the middle roller is mainly used to magnetically select "sand-iron mixed", the lower roller is mainly used to select leftover weak magnetic materials , Its speed should be the slowest. The scale of experiments should be expanded so that this emery abrasive can form products as soon as possible. Therefore, it should be adjusted appropriately in production.

Generally, the silicon carbide abrasive material with a large particle size is large, and the material with a small particle size is small. Regardless of the size of the granularity, the amount of blanking should not be too large, otherwise the material layer is too thick and it is difficult for magnetic separation to cause rework. The flow separator is an important factor affecting the yield of aluminum oxide grit magnetic separation and the level of magnetic matter in the product.(cheap brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh factory saudi arabia)

Special A-grade high-alumina bauxite in our country contains Al2O3, more than 77%, and the black corundum content of Al2O3 after calcination exceeds 88%. The crystal is plate-shaped, and this material is a corundum material with great application prospects. In the production of mullite-corundum-corundum products, corundum clinker sintered by mixing industrial alumina with 5% -10% kaolin or clay is used. The garnet abrasive manufacturing process of this clinker is similar to that of pure corundum clinker mentioned above.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh factory saudi arabia)The selection principle is that under the condition that the necessary screening efficiency is guaranteed, the green silicon carbide shortest possible screen is selected, and the width cannot be too large. It is technically difficult to manufacture a screen that is too wide. But the content of Al2O3 is low, generally 91.5% ~ 96%. garnet suppliers clinker with 10% clay, the calcination temperature is increased from 1330 ° C to 1520 ° C, and its density is increased from 1.75g / cm3 to 3.22g / cm3.

The magnetic susceptibility of magnetic materials in pink corundum is small. To select these low magnetic materials, a magnetic separator with a high magnetic field strength should be selected as much as possible. The difficulty of corundum magnetic separation has a great relationship with smelting, mainly due to the dispersion of ferrosilicon alloy in corundum and changes in alloy composition, glass bead blasting media suppliers which have a certain impact on the magnetic separation operation.(cheap brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh factory saudi arabia)

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