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The condition is that the active [b] and [a] atoms are provided at the same time and in proper activity(green silicon carbide), otherwise aluminizing or permeating will be formed. At the same time, the infiltration layer may be filled with vacancies to make the layer more dense, which can slow down the diffusion speed of corrosion medium into the layer(white aluminum oxide grit), thus reducing the corrosion rate of the sample.

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Rare earth can make the corrosion potential on the surface of the infiltrated layer tend to be uniform(brown fused alumina), so when corrosion is carried out in the corrosive medium, the corrosion current of the galvanic cell can be reduced, and the corrosion resistance of the infiltrated layer is improved(white aluminium oxide powder). The results show that the nucleation sites of Fe2B phase increase on the surface, and the wear morphology of the samples is relatively smooth.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide grains factory south korea)Due to the high standard chemical potential of rare earth elements(brown aluminum oxide), the addition of rare earth elements can improve the natural corrosion potential of the layer, improve its thermodynamic stability in corrosive medium, and improve the corrosion resistance of the substrate(alumina polishing powder). The results show that adding proper amount of rare earth can produce dense and complete oxide protective film on the surface rapidly.

Rare earth can inhibit the growth of oxide grains, refine oxide grains, improve the plasticity of oxide film(emery abrasive), and make the oxide film not easy to crack or separate from the substrate. On the other hand, due to the large atomic radius of rare earth elements, the matrix metal lattice expands and promotes the diffusion of elements(carborundum powder), which can purify the grain boundaries, so that the protective film is easy to form.(cheap brown aluminium oxide grains factory south korea)

In order to reduce the spalling degree of boroaluminizing layer(white alumina), it is necessary to control the size of mechanical stress and optimize the process to increase the density of boronizing layer, so as to reduce the defects such as porosity and holes. Otherwise, the anti friction and anti-wear effect will be weakened(synthetic corundum). The passivation film is not easy to be damaged in corrosive state, even if it is damaged, it is easy to repair.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide grains factory south korea)From the macroscopic point of view, the original sample has more serious plough cutting marks after wear(black corundum), while the sample after infiltration is better than the original sample, and the sample with rare earth is more smooth, and no obvious spalling is observed(aluminum oxide grit). In this way, in order to further evaluate the wear resistance, it is necessary to observe and analyze the worn surface of the sample after friction.

There are obvious abrasive particles and adhesive peeling wear on the surface of the sample(pink corundum), which is due to the exfoliation of the infiltration layer caused by deformation. There are shallow spalling pits distributed evenly on the grinding surface, accompanied by plough cutting grooves(aluminum oxide abrasive), scratch marks and flanging caused by hard abrasive particles, and there are microcracks around the plough cutting marks.(cheap brown aluminium oxide grains factory south korea)

Therefore, it can be concluded that the wear failure mechanism of the samples is abrasive wear and adhesive wear(silicon carbide abrasive). When the actual parts are in service, the effect of stress is inevitable. The reason lies in the formation of stable rare earth compounds between rare earth atoms and impurities at grain boundaries(black silicon carbide), reduce the brittleness of the infiltrated layer and inhibit the initiation and propagation of cracks.

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