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Cheap Brown Aluminium Oxide Grains Producers Mexico

Ten film photoresist can be divided into solvent type dry film(brown fused alumina), water-soluble dry film and dry development or stripping type dry film according to the development and film removal methods. Dry film has good process performance, and has been widely used in circuit board manufacturing, graphic production and precision parts cutting(green silicon carbide). Polyethylene film is a protective film covered on the photosensitive film.

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At the same time(silicon carbide abrasive), the asphalt layer under the escape of lines is still soluble, so it can be washed off with a carefully mixed mixture of Italian grass oil and turpentine, and the image of the asphalt layer after washing will not be changed by the light. Up to now, many products have been used for different production requirements(black silicon carbide). The dry film has high image resolution, and the precision can reach the line width of 100um.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide grains producers mexico)The common photoinitiators used in dry film photoresist are benzoin, tert butyl and so on(brown aluminum oxide). In addition to the monomers, photoinitiators and tackifiers for the middle and light sensitive layers. The reasons for pinholes and robes are as follows: there are foreign bodies on the printing plate(aluminum oxide abrasive). Now the most commonly used is the second water-soluble dry film, thus forming an anti-corrosion image.

The polyester film is removed after exposure and before development. The polyanion film can prevent oxygen from diffusing into the resist layer when conducting light, destroy the free radicals and cause the decrease of sensitivity(aluminum oxide grit). Polyester film is the carrier supporting the photosensitive adhesive layer, excellent imaging and chemical resistance, which is coated into a film with a thickness of about 25um.(cheap brown aluminium oxide grains producers mexico)

Because the thickness and composition of dry film are consistent and reliable, the discontinuity of imaging is avoided(white alumina). Its purpose is to prevent dust and other dirt from adhering to the dry film, and to avoid adhesion between the resist layers during film rolling. Such as pentaerythritol triacrylate and so on(synthetic corundum). The photosensitive adhesive layer is mainly composed of photopolymerization monomer and photoinitiator.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide grains producers mexico)Generally, the thinner the film is, the higher the resolution of the film is, but the chemical resistance and physical properties of the film decrease(black corundum). The application of dry film for graphic transfer greatly simplifies the manufacturing process and is conducive to the realization of mechanized and automatic production(emery abrasive). Dry film photoresist is a kind of photosensitive material developed in the early 1970s.

The sensitized part is insoluble in the developer, while the non sensitized part can be dissolved in the developer and removed(pink corundum). The most widely used photosensitive monomers are polyols, acrylates and methacrylates(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Under UV irradiation, photoinitiators absorb the energy of UV light to produce free radicals, which further lead to photopolymerization monomer crosslinking to form complex.

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