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Cheap Brown Aluminium Oxide Grit Manufacturers UAE

It can be used for acid and alkaline binders(brown aluminium oxide). Because Baozhu sand is spherical particles, its fluidity is very good, it is easy to compact when molding, and can maintain good air permeability, while quartz sand and magnesium micro olivine sand are polygonal sand with poor fluidity(calcined alumina). For example, forsterite sand was used as filling sand for engine cylinder block produced by a company The defects such as rat tail and ghost were found.

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After using Baozhu sand, this phenomenon has been obviously improved, and the yield rate has been increased by 5%(green silicon carbide). Practice has proved that the fluidity of Baozhu sand is better than that of various molding sand. The air permeability of molding sand mainly depends on the sand size, particle size distribution, particle type and binder type(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). Pollution of the production environment, will produce a lot of waste sand, leading to sand is not durable.(cheap brown aluminium oxide grit manufacturers uae)

The use of Baozhu sand can obviously reduce the mechanical and chemical sand sticking, and it is not easy to produce defects such as sand inclusion, sand washing and porosity(pink corundum). The addition of resin can be reduced by 30% ~ 50%, and the addition of sodium silicate is less than 4%. Finally, Baozhu sand was selected to solve the problem, and the yield was increased by 7%(brown aluminum oxide 4 grit); it is easy to produce defects such as poor mold lifting ability and mechanical sand sticking.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide grit manufacturers uae)The application of Baozhu sand in lost foam casting with the continuous rise of lost foam casting(brown aluminum oxide), how to reduce the cost of casting, in the casting process, if the air permeability of molding sand is poor, a large amount of gas generated due to high temperature heating can not be discharged in time, which will cause choking phenomenon, resulting in porosity, cold shut, insufficient pouring and other defects in the casting(pink fused alumina suppliers), and even scrapped, knot and rat tail.

Quartz sand and magnesium micro elemene sand are polygonal sand with poor air permeability(black corundum), while Baosen sand is spherical particle with uniform particle size distribution and good air permeability, which can avoid such casting defects. The main component of quartz sand is silica (SiO2), and its fire resistance is lower than 1700 ℃(aluminium oxide sandblasting); quartz sand will have many kinds of crystals at different temperatures, which will reduce the refractoriness of molding sand again during pouring.(cheap brown aluminium oxide grit manufacturers uae)

In the process of casting at high temperature, due to the thermal expansion of molding sand, the size of molding sand will change slightly, which will affect the accuracy of casting size(brown fused alumina). If the coefficient of thermal expansion of molding sand is too large, greatly reduce the labor intensity of sand cleaning, it will cause casting defects such as sand inclusion(arc fused alumina). Baozhu sand is a spherical particle, the main component is alumina, its fire resistance can reach 1900 ℃.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide grit manufacturers uae)According to statistics, the difference of angle coefficient is not conducive to the uniform distribution of molding sand(white alumina), and it is not easy to form a good binder bridge between sand particles, resulting in the dispersion of molding sand, insufficient compactness, and low mold strength; the difference in angle coefficient will also reduce the fluidity of molding sand(black silicon carbide), which is not easy to compact, thus affecting the strength and permeability of molding sand.

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