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Cheap Brown Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Germany

It is a new material developed on the basis of traditional ceramics and general refractories(glass beads supplier). The material has the following characteristics: high melting point, high purity, good chemical stability and thermal shock resistance(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Special refractories include high melting point oxides and refractory compounds, and the derived cermets, high temperature coatings, high temperature fibers and reinforcements.

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Compared with traditional ceramics and general refractories, special refractories have high purity, high melting point, good electrical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties(brown fused alumina). Therefore, it can be used in high, fine and advanced technology; in terms of manufacturing technology, raw materials are generally pre fired(silicon carbide price). In addition to the traditional methods, the new technologies such as vapor deposition and hot pressing are also used.

Special refractory is a branch of non-metallic materials(brown aluminum oxide). The molding material is micro powder, which needs to be in high temperature and protective atmosphere. The finished products need to be processed and inspected. Therefore, there are Al2O3, MgO, ZrO2, Cao, etc. that can be widely used as special refractories(fused alumina). In order to improve the sintering temperature, it is necessary to finely grind and pre burn the raw materials and add the additives to promote sintering.

The main technological process is as follows: raw material selection: heat treatment of raw material → grinding, batching, forming, drying, pre burning, rough processing, burning and final processing(brown aluminium oxide). Industrial alumina is white powder, which is difficult to sinter(green carborundum). When the particle size is less than 2 m, it needs to account for about 50%. For products with complex shape and small size, hot pressing injection or extrusion can be used.

The disadvantage is that the material becomes hard after burning and is not easy to be finely ground(white alumina). There are many oxides with a melting point of more than 2000 ℃, but in addition to the high melting point, the special refractories must have a variety of high-temperature properties and relatively mature manufacturing processes(black oxide aluminum). The last two are La2O3, CEO, BeO, tho, u2o3, etc. that have a small amount of crust reserves and a high price Nuclear fuel, only for special needs.

At present, the main raw material for the production of alumina special products is industrial alumina, which is the intermediate product of aluminum smelting industry(black corundum). Its true density is about 3.60g · cm, and its mineral composition is y-al2o3. When manufacturing special pure products, raw materials with Al2O3 content greater than 99.8% or raw materials made from aluminum sulfate and ammonium sulfate shall be used, as well as the characteristics of suitable cost(arc fused alumina).

In order to accelerate the conversion of y-al2o3 to - Al2O3, 3% boric acid was added to improve the conversion of y-al2o3 to a-Al2O3(pink corundum), and the pre sintering temperature was reduced, the holding time was shortened, and the purity of raw material was improved (NAO and HBO2 in raw material produced volatile compound sodium borate to run away together). Grinding fineness plays an important role in the sintering and recrystallization of green body(silicon carbide companies).

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