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Cheap Brown Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer Brazil

Transportation and storage of green carborundum abrasive tools in order to avoid damage to abrasive tools during transportation and storage, the following items must be noted. During long-distance transportation, wooden boxes or wicker baskets shall be used for proper packaging, glass bead abrasive and soft materials such as straw or sawdust shall be used to separate the abrasives. 

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Do not place ceramic abrasive tools in wet or frozen places; rubber abrasive tools should not be in contact with oil; otherwise the strength and grinding ability of brown fused alumina tools will be reduced. The abrasives shall be stored in a dry place, and the room temperature shall not be lower than 5 ℃. The placement position and setting method shall depend on the silicon carbide companies shape and size of the grinding tool.(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer brazil)

The brown aluminum oxide shall be placed separately according to the specifications, and the storage place shall be equipped with signs to avoid confusion and error. Collision and impact shall be prevented during handling. However, due to the horizontal accuracy of the balance frame guide rail, the roundness of the arc fused alumina balance mandrel and rolling friction and other factors, the accuracy of the static balance is still not very high.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer brazil)The grinding wheels with thinner or smaller diameter shall be placed horizontally, but the brown aluminium oxide stacking height shall not exceed 500-600mm. The stacking height of rubber or resin sheet grinding wheel shall be less than 200 mm, resin abrasive tools should not be in contact with alkali, and a flat iron plate shall be placed on the top and bottom of the grinding wheel to prevent deformation or fracture of the fused alumina grinding wheel.

Small diameter grinding wheel (less than 50 mm) can be kept by ropes. Bowl shaped, cup-shaped and dish shaped white alumina grinding wheels should be stacked one by one with the bottom facing down, but the height should not be too high. Rubber and resin have "aging" phenomenon, so the storage period of these two kinds of binders is generally not more than one year. black oxide aluminum beyond the storage period must be rechecked before use.(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer brazil)

After the reform, the black corundum grinding wheel can only be used after it has been tested again. It must be used according to the working speed marked on the grinding wheel. The balance block N3 is moved by the above method so that the grinding wheel is in the balance state again. After several times of adjustment, the glass beads supplier grinding wheel can be balanced. The grinding wheels with larger diameter or thickness shall be placed vertically or obliquely.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer brazil)In order to avoid errors in the safe speed of pink corundum grinding wheel, the marks of safe working speed shall be printed on the grinding wheel, especially the high-speed grinding wheel, which shall have striking special marks. By adjusting the position of three balance weights at one time, the glass beads manufacturers grinding wheel can not reach balance at any angle, but only gradually tends to balance, and stacking shall be stable.

Automatic balance of grinding wheel silicon carbide price. Dynamic balance of grinding wheel. The grinding wheel after static balance can generally meet certain use requirements. For the large-diameter grinding wheel, because of the heavy weight, the static balance is not only labor-intensive and time-consuming, but also the deformation of the balance frame and balance mandrel, garnet abrasive price which will affect the static balance accuracy.

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