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Cheap Brown Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer Japan

With the rapid development and structural adjustment of China's machinery manufacturing industry, the synthetic corundum industry has higher and higher requirements for the quality of brown corundum products, which makes the abrasive production enterprises continue to try to carry out deep processing, in order to find a practical way to improve the quality of aluminum oxide grit products.

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We know that the main way to improve the quality of white alumina is to improve the particle shape, heat treatment or chemical coating. In fact, only improving the particle shape to improve the abrasive performance is still far from meeting the technological requirements of black silicon carbide tools; because of the high cost and environmental pollution, the treatment effect of chemical treatment is far worse than that of heat treatment.(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer japan)

With the promotion of calcined abrasives, more and more brown fused alumina customers put forward higher and more refined requirements for calcined abrasives, and the brown corundum calcined abrasive powder is also slowly applied in the majority of users of coated abrasives. After several years of application in 240 grit aluminum oxide coated abrasive industry, the calcined abrasive has been gradually recognized and widely used by the majority of coated abrasive enterprises.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer japan)However, due to the fine particle size of calcined abrasive powder, the production methods of each black corundum production enterprise are not consistent, resulting in a great difference in the quality of calcined abrasive powder. Two different production methods are introduced here for your reference: They purchase each particle size number (p240-p500) of green silicon carbide powder from other factories, and then calcine it in the calcining kiln.

After calcining, the brown aluminum oxide powder is simply crushed, and then the particle size of this particle size number is sorted out and packaged by the air separator. direct firing method: some 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media abrasive production enterprises do not have powder production lines. This value is very close to the requirements of P400.(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer japan)

There are some disadvantages in this production method: first of all, because these are pink corundum micro powder particles with a diameter less than 60 microns, it is difficult to completely separate a part of severely bonded particles with that kind of crushing method, and there will be a lot of false particles. After some aluminum oxide abrasive particle sizes are burnt, the D50 value will be increased by nearly one particle size after crushing and then tested by settling pipe.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer japan)For example, P500 micro powder is used for calcination before brown aluminium oxide burning, its D50 value is 31.5 μ m, and it is tested to be 33.9 after crushing. According to the requirements, this batch of products should be sorted into P500 products by air separator. However, 50% of the silicon carbide abrasive products will be left in the first bin of the air separator after being sorted into P500 products, and only about 45% of the real P500 products will be obtained.

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