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The main impurities in the charge are Fe2O3, Al2O3, Cao and MgO. These impurities affect the quality, quantity and crystallinity of SiC. In the production process of silicon carbide, brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers is dissolved in molten silica. It wraps the charge particles and blocks the formation of white fused alumina price. Until the temperature is over 1750 ℃, Al2O3 is reduced to metal, and the formation of SiC returns to normal.

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Therefore, Al2O3 in the furnace charge will make the brown fused alumina forming belt narrow and the crystalline size of silicon carbide smaller. In addition, alumina has a great influence on the color of silicon carbide crystal, and the slightly higher Al2O3 content in furnace burden increases the difficulty of smelting green silicon carbide. The order of discovery nomenclature is represented by the corresponding Rome numbers according to the order of discovery.(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer taiwan)

Calcium oxide and silicon dioxide form a fusible material with high fluidity, brown aluminum oxide which wraps up carbon particles and quartz sand particles, hinders the formation of silicon carbide, leads to the reduction of production, and the product is black. In particular, A12O3 and Cao exist at the same time, forming low-temperature fusible co solute with SiO2, white fused alumina manufacturer naming according to discovery order, which has more harmful effect. The effect of MgO is similar to that of Cao.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer taiwan)The oxides of iron are reduced to metallic iron at 1100-1200 ℃. Iron and silicon do not form compounds, garnet abrasive price do not affect the color of green silicon carbide, so it is harmless to silicon carbide. Iron becomes liquid at 1360 ℃. Liquid iron can dissolve carbon, make silicon dioxide be reduced at low temperature, and play the role of mineralizer. It is easy to turn red and affect the appearance of ceramic grinding wheel by using this kind of silicon carbide abrasive.

Therefore, the iron oxide in the charge can promote the formation of brown aluminium oxide, and make the crystal shape of silicon carbide regular and coarse. After refining, the impurity iron mainly remains on the surface of silicon carbide crystal, which has little effect on product quality. However, the pickling can not be removed after the iron enters the low density white alumina crystal in the form of carbide. Therefore, it is hoped that the less iron the charge contains, the better.(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer taiwan)

white alumina is a compound with covalent bond (and 12% ionic bond). There are SP "hybrid bonds arranged in tetrahedron space in SiC crystal. SP "hybrid orbit has the highest energy stability, which makes SiC crystal have high strength and excellent performance. X-ray diffraction analysis of silicon carbide crystal structure shows that it has two main forms: a-SiC and β - SiC. brown fused aluminium oxide which can be removed by pickling, A-SiC is a hexagonal system with compact arrangement.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturer taiwan)In order to express the variety of each black corundum crystal system, the naming methods of silicon carbide structure are as follows: Ramsdell naming and customary naming. Ramsdell's nomenclature uses the English letters h, R and C to represent the hexagonal crystal system structure, white fused alumina suppliers rhombohedral structure and cubic crystal system structure respectively, and uses Arabic numerals before the letters to represent the number of SiC layers contained in the unit lattice.

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