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When the inoculant is added in the same amount(brown aluminium oxide), this is because some of the carbon atoms have covered the nucleation matrix and become the nucleus of the activated product in a short period of time before the carbon and silicon atoms are diffused. The casting structure is more sensitive to the section(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). The concentration of high silicon area around the graphite nucleation site can be maintained for a long time.

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Although the carbon atoms on the surface of the activated product core will gradually dissolve in the molten iron(brown fused alumina), its diffusion rate and dissolution rate are much lower than the diffusion rate and dissolution rate of the carbon atoms in the silicon-rich micro-regions, so that the effective action time of the inoculant Be extended(silicon carbide companies). Inclination inhibits the diffusion of silicon atoms and carbon atoms in molten iron.(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers germany)

A typical example is that silicon dioxide is contaminated by FeO and forms a complex compound surface layer of iron, manganese, oxide and silicon dioxide on the substrate(green carborundum). CaC and some sulfides also have the same problem. Adding more active elements such as calcium, gills, barium(white fused alumina manufacturer), and rare earths to the inoculant or controlling the dissolved oxygen in the molten iron from the technological aspect can help solve this problem.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers germany)When w(Ca) is not less than 0.5%, calcium has a stronger ability to promote graphitization than aluminum(brown aluminum oxide). In the cast iron after incubation, the amount of supercooled graphite decreases with the increase of calcium, and it can significantly increase the number of graphite co-products(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). The main disadvantage of FeSi75 ferrosilicon is that it has a short effective action time in molten iron and poor resistance to decay.

Under the same conditions of aluminum and calcium and similar inoculation treatment conditions(white alumina), the graphitization ability of FeSi75 ferrosilicon increases with the increase of silicon content. Tin-ferrosilicon does not significantly increase the number of eutectic clusters while strongly promoting graphitization(arc fused alumina). The anchor itself is a strong deoxidizing and desulfurizing agent, and the tensile strength is improved.(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers germany)

There is also an argument that has not been widely accepted that the sulfides and sulfur oxygen compounds in the molten iron easily adsorb sulfur atoms(black aluminum oxide), so that the sulfides cannot exist independently in the molten iron for a long time, and these added elements may be possible even within the effective time of action. It is oxidized by the oxygen in the molten iron and loses its due effect(fused alumina). Generating finer A-type graphite.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers germany)The ability of barium ferrosilicon containing 4%-6% silicon to promote graphitization is significantly higher than that of FeSi75 ferrosilicon(silicon carbide price). It has a complete crystal structure and is easy to combine with the undissolved graphite particles and graphite molecules in the molten iron to form a nucleation matrix(black oxide aluminum). The inoculants used are graphitized inoculants and stabilized inoculants. The anti-decay effect is relatively obvious.

Combine with oxygen and sulfur in molten iron to remove them(pink aluminum oxide). In addition, after gray cast iron is treated with silicon-calcium alloy, the graphite flakes become thicker and shorter, the number of eutectic clusters increases. The current carbon-silicon-calcium alloy is made by briquetting crystalline graphite, ferrosilicon, and silicon-calcium alloy after mixing(glass beads supplier). The crystalline graphite is the basic material that gives the alloy incubation ability.

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