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Domestic aluminum electrolysis production requires anode materials to be stable in CO atmosphere(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). In order to further improve the quality of carbon anodes for aluminum, the Chinese company has put forward enterprise standards for high-quality anode production technology and quality(alumina abrasive). 

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In the anode assembly workshop, the electrolyte attached to the residual electrode surface and the steel claw shall be cleaned(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel), that is, the residual anode carbon block shall fall off from the steel claw and be broken before being sent to the anode for production and batching, and the phosphorus pig iron casting ring shall be returned to the cast iron furnace for melting and recycling(80 grit aluminum oxide). 

In aluminum electrolysis production, carbon anode materials are gradually consumed by electrolytic reaction, the residual ash will enter the electrolyte, and the impurities with positive reduction potential in ash will enter the aluminum solution and pollute the aluminum products(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). The results show that the selective oxidation is related to the catalysis of trace elements in the raw materials(garnet sand). 

The basic requirements of aluminum reduction cell for carbon anode mainly include(black silicon carbide): high temperature resistance, small expansion rate and good thermal shock resistance; It has certain strength and good scouring resistance. Generally, the indicators characterizing the reactivity against co include(alumina sand): reaction rate, total consumption rate, gasification rate, abscission degree, etc(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). Good conductivity.

Compared with the standard of carbon anode in China, the quality standard of pre cultured anode carbon block abroad has more items, finer indicators and stricter requirements(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Stable chemical properties, good oxidation resistance and chloride corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). If the thermal stress is too large, it will lead to cracks(aluminum oxide for sale). Good oxidation resistance. 

Therefore, the production of carbon anode for aluminum has strict requirements in raw material selection, process conditions and process control(green silicon carbide). Specifically, aluminum electrolysis production has the following requirements for the quality of carbon anode materials: high purity(aluminium oxide blasting). Batching is the process of combining one or several solid raw materials with different properties and particle sizes with binder in proportion(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel).

The anode on the aluminum reduction cell weighs tens of tons and also bears the impact of electricity and heat(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). The compressive strength of anode carbon block shall not be less than 27mpa. In order to further improve the physical and chemical properties of the products, the temperature should continue to rise to 1000-1100 ℃(aluminum oxide sand). It can be seen that all countries attach great importance to anode quality. 

At this time, the chemical process gradually weakens, the internal and external shrinkage gradually decreases, and the true density, strength and conductivity continue to increase(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). Therefore, the lower the impurity content in the carbon anode material, the better(120 grit aluminum oxide). The actual consumption of carbon anode in the electrolysis process is always higher than the theoretical consumption, which is called "over consumption".

Therefore, the content of catalytic impurity elements, especially V, Na and Cu, followed by Fe, I, Si and Ca, should be controlled as much as possible in anode raw materials, so as to reduce the over consumption of carbon anode in aluminum electrolysis production(pink aluminum oxide). B. P and AIF not only do not accelerate selective oxidation, but also have anti catalysis(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). Generally, the ash content shall not be greater than 0.5%. 

In order to ensure the above performance requirements of the anode, at present, the carbon anode for aluminum reduction cell in China implements the non-ferrous metal system industry technical standard YS / t285-1998, The resistivity is less than 55u0 · m; in which the physical and chemical performance indexes of the pre cultured anode are shown in the table(100 grit aluminum oxide). See table for physical and chemical indexes of materials(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel).

Some enterprises have determined enterprise standards slightly higher than the above standards, and the indicators are(aluminum oxide abrasive powder): the compressive strength is greater than 30MPa; Porosity less than 28%(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel); The oxidation loss is less than 40 mg / (EM · h); The thermal expansion rate is 0.45% - 0.55% (at 20-950 ℃); The bulk density is greater than 1.5g/em(black corundum). To reduce the contact resistance between the guide rod and the anode bus. 

On the aluminum reduction cell, the carbon anode participates in the conduction current, and the voltage drop consumed on the carbon anode reaches 350 ~ 500mv(180 grit aluminum oxide). The electric energy consumed on the anode for each production of LT aluminum is about L500 ~ 2000kW · h, accounting for about 10% ~ 15% of the power consumption of aluminum production(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient mechanical strength.

The table lists the internationally recognized General requirements and indexes of aluminum premelted anode materials(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). How to assemble the pre melted anode carbon block into an anode group? In the aluminum electrolysis plant, the assembly of pre cultured anode carbon blocks into anode groups is completed by the anode assembly workshop, which mainly includes the following steps: cleaning of anode carbon blocks(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel).

Generally, the surface of anode carbon block after furnace discharge is usually adhered with filler, especially the filler in carbon bowl, which must be cleaned before it can be used as finished carbon anode(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). The cleaning method is generally manual cleaning. In modern large enterprises, automatic cleaning equipment such as anode scraper cleaning machine is gradually popularized and applied(white aluminium oxide). Preparation of anode guide rod.

Therefore, the anode guide rod is generally made of first-class aluminum or aluminum alloy (al95%, Si5%), and its quality requirements shall meet the requirements of the national standard for aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded bars (gb3191-1982)(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). Impurities with negative reduction potential than aluminum will react with electrolyte to change electrolyte composition and increase fluorine salt consumption.

The size of aluminum guide rod shall meet the process design requirements, and the general length shall be between 2600 ~ 3000mm(70 grit aluminum oxide); The cross-sectional area is determined by the current density of 0.4/mm according to the current load of each group of anode, and the single anode guide rod is generally about 130mm × 130mm. See table for granularity control of each level(aluminium oxide blast media). The ratio of the maximum size of(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel). 

There are two main reasons for over consumption(steel grid): first, because the anti scouring and anti-oxidation capacity of "secondary coke" sintered by asphalt binder is worse than that of aggregate coke, the "secondary coke" is consumed first in the electrolysis process, causing the aggregate particles to fall off and form carbon slag(cheap brown aluminium oxide manufacturers israel); Second, it is due to selective oxidation,the anode is oxidized by carbon dioxide in air and anode gas.

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