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The former is also called hydrogen depolarization corrosion, and the latter is called oxygen depolarization corrosion candle(brown aluminium oxide). It is pointed out that if the potential of anode metal is less than 0.805 V (equilibrium potential of oxygen electrode), oxygen depolarization corrosion may occur(white aluminium oxide grit). It is well known that metal crystals are composed of metal positive ions (also known as ionic solids) and electrons flowing in them.

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In fact, there are always some structural defects, impurities(aluminum oxide grit), stress concentration on the surface of aluminum box, such as the structural state of aluminum grain and grain boundary is different. The chemical potential of these imperfect regions is different from that of other regions(steel shot abrasive), which results in the former forming the anode region of the corrosion cell and the latter becoming the cathode region of the corrosion cell(called electron gas).(cheap brown aluminium oxide suppliers portugal)

When aluminum is immersed in hydrochloric acid electrolyte solution(brown aluminum oxide), it is observed that there are bubbles in the solution, and the surface of aluminum box begins to be corroded and aluminum particles are dissolved. In the presence of oxygen in the solution, the so-called ionization process of oxygen is carried out on the cathode, and oxygen is reduced to hydroxyl (OH -) ions(brown aluminum oxide grit), so that h * will be reduced to hydrogen (H) and escape.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide suppliers portugal)In the anode region, the affinity between aluminum positive ions and electrons is weaker than that in the cathode region, so it is easy to lose electrons(pink aluminum oxide). In the presence of electrolyte solution (such as hydrochloric acid solution), aluminum ions on the aluminum surface will be hydrated under the action of polar water molecules in the solution(glass bead abrasive). The influence of Cu and Fe content in Al Mn alloy box on the specific volume of alloy box is also discussed.

The affinity between the aluminum ions and the electrons in the anode region is weak(brown fused alumina), so that the hydration energy generated during hydration is enough to overcome the gravity between the aluminum ions and the electrons in the aluminum lattice(garnet abrasive price), so that the aluminum ions in the anode area of the aluminum box are first separated and enter the liquid phase in contact with the aluminum surface to form the hydrated aluminum ions.(cheap brown aluminium oxide suppliers portugal)

In fact, it forms soluble aluminum trichloride aic1 with chloride ions in the solution(black aluminum oxide), and the electrons in the lattice of anode region will pass through the cathode area in contact with it and be captured by hydrogen ion (H) at the interface between cathode and solution(white aluminium oxide blasting media). Therefore, the corrosion behavior of the aluminum box with positive electrode potential than Al, such as Cu, Fe, PD, in hydrochloric acid electrolyte solution is investigated.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide suppliers portugal)For the cold rolled aluminum box, the corrosion may also start from some building points or plastic deformation lattice distortion points on the line parallel to the original rolling direction(white aluminium oxide). Fe has little effect on the specific volume C of the alloy box, but the pitting depth and corrosion weight loss of the alloy box will increase with the increase of Fe / Mn ratio(glass beads manufacturers). List the chemical composition of low purity aluminum box and alloy foil.

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