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Cheap Brown Aluminium Oxide Suppliers Switzerland

Refractory and thermal insulation materials are used for heat preservation in the steel shell(brown aluminium oxide), and the anode paste flows slowly downwards. The third function of the main alumina is to capture the chloride volatilized from the tank to the flue gas, which is called the dry purification method(white corundum 220 mesh), which uses alumina to adsorb the chlorine fluoride gas produced and the condensation of other chlorides.

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Hall-Elu electrolysis method is characterized in that the anode is consumable(brown aluminum oxide). The main material is sodium tetraoxaluminate (NaAlF) in mold form, which is beneficial to environmental protection. The produced fluorine-containing alumina is then used as raw material for the electrolytic cell, and clean carbon dioxide gas is discharged into the atmosphere(brown fused alumina mesh size F40). It is usually placed in a preformed carbon lining.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide suppliers switzerland)It is also made of an anthracite-graphite mixture(brown fused alumina). There are two types of anodes for aluminum electrolysis, pre-cultivation anodes and self-cultivation anodes. The original patent of the Hall-Elu method uses a pre-cultured anode, which is formed by pressing a mixture of petroleum coke and coal tar binder in a mold(brown aluminum oxide 40 grit), and then forming the surface by wax burning at about 1100°C in the anode thread.

All additives will lower the melting point of the electrolyte and lower the operating temperature of the electrolytic cell, but also reduce the degree of dissolution of the oxidation complex(white aluminium oxide). Self-cultivation anodes are also made of a mixture of petroleum coke and coal tar pitch(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Since the beginning, the anode usually contains 25%-28% pitch, and the pre-cultivation anode only contains 13%-16% pitch.(cheap brown aluminium oxide suppliers switzerland)

As mentioned earlier, the aluminum industry usually refers to the container containing the entire liquid aluminum and electrolyte as the cathode(black aluminum oxide). Under the carbon block where the cathode rod is installed, there are several layers of refractory bricks and thermal insulation materials(aluminium oxide abrasive). Of course, as a heat-generating resistor, it is important that the electrolyte heat can maintain the self-heating of the electrolytic cell.

(cheap brown aluminium oxide suppliers switzerland)At present, it is widely used to be made of semi-graphite or semi-lithic materials(pink aluminum oxide). Because the current passes through the anode to generate heat, the pitch in the anode paste heats up due to thermal decomposition, and the waste heat of the electrolyte and the anode is burnt together(garnet suppliers), the anode The paste is gradually burned into a solid rigid pole with good conductivity during the downward movement.

The self-cultivating anode paste is added to a rectangular iron shell on the top of the anode(green carborundum). Although the side plunger self-cultivating anodes before the design are still used in some old small self-cultivating pushers, the current usually enters the anode from the vertical anode god and the lead rod connected to the anode bus(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). One, two, three, four or six four-cavities called char and sulfur.(cheap brown aluminium oxide suppliers switzerland)

These carbon blocks are firmly connected with inter-carbon paste to form the whole cathode of electrolysis planting(aluminum oxide grit). The steel conductive rod is inserted into the dovetail groove at the bottom of the carbon block, and then cast iron or tamped and fixed with carbon paste to ensure good contact between the steel rod and the cathode carbon block(garnet abrasive). The cathode is a carbon block made of anthracite and pitch.

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