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In order to obtain the highest current efficiency and the lowest cell voltage, a very effective measure is to try to reduce the flow rate at the electrolyte / liquid interface and reduce the fluctuation and distortion of the interface(polar distance, cell voltage, cell temperature, electrolyte composition, lead oxide concentration, etc.)(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers).  The type has French aluminum 280kA gear, 28ka test tank in China, etc(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers).

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Large area power supply and weak compensation scheme at the bottom of cathode bus duct(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers). Dry the cathode inner village, and follow the steps to increase the tank face temperature to close to the electrolysis temperature (above 900°C), in preparation for starting the electrolysis measures(garnet abrasive suppliers). Because the resistance of the wisdom liquid itself is very small, most of the heat is generated by the cathode and the target, and the total heat generation is not large. 

There are two kinds of aluminum bus(china brown fused alumina manufacturers): calendered bus and transformed bus(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers). Therefore, the improved 160kA pre refining of Xin'an plant has applied the narrow machining surface for the first time in China, which has been changed from the 520mm wide machining surface of the old cell type to 350mm(white fused alumina). The basic procedure of molten aluminum firing is to build a glass wall with solid electrolyte blocks around the fine cavity before firing.

In order to reduce the bus current density(aluminum oxide wholesale), when designing the electrolytic structure and bus system, the modern large electrolytic cell tries to reduce the absolute value of the vertical magnetic field, avoid the horizontal current and strive for the symmetry or horizontal gradient of the vertical magnetic field, and try to limit the designed liquid surface to the anode projection area(white aluminum oxide blast media). It forms a solid whole with the cathode carbon block(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers).

In recent ten years(aluminum oxide suppliers usa), the electrolytic cell basic field design and magnetohydrodynamic design have been regarded as the basis for the development of large-scale electrolytic cells in the world, and it is also one of the main contents of physical field simulation and optimization design of lead electrolytic cells(sandblasting sand), A variety of power supply modes and bus configuration schemes are produced(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers). Huge impact(low pole distance).

According to the different heating resistor materials, the electric heating method is divided into(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers): liquid melting method, that is, the electric heating method using liquid as the resistor body(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Here, only three typical schemes for bus configuration of large capacity electrolytic cells (greater than 20KA) arranged horizontally in the world are given: large surface power in, all cathode buses are burned, and typical rub or hyro230ka test cells.

Therefore(black silicon carbide), in the design of bus device, the economic section that can minimize the sum of investment in construction period and energy consumption in operation period should be determined(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand). Large area power supply, cathode bus duct bottom strength compensation configuration(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers). Although people set the zero voltage at the midpoint of the series, the voltage to ground at both ends of the series is still up to about 500V(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media).

From the perspective of reducing the bus purchase cost (reducing investment), we should reduce the bus section size and improve the current density of the conductive bus(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa), but the reduction of the bus section size will increase the power consumption of the conductive bus and increase the power consumption in the process of production and operation(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers). Typical ones are ept-18 Series in Switzerland, 230kA test tank in China, etc(sandblasting abrasive).

Typical in the electrolytic cell series, the series voltage reaches hundreds of volts to kilovolts(how to choose white fused alumina). Once there is a short circuit, personal and equipment accidents are easy to occur. DC is used for electrolysis and AC is used for electrical equipment on the tank(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). If DC enters the AC system, equipment accidents will be caused, and AC and DC isolation shall be carried out. Many parts of the electrolytic cell need to be insulated(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers).

The so-called sintering (for pre-cultivation tank, also known as washing heat)(green silicon carbide), is to use the heating material placed between the anode and the anode of the aluminum electrolytic cell to generate heat, so that the temperature of the anode and cathode (including the inner village) of the electrolytic phase rises(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). High, to achieve the following purposes: to make the sintering discs between the cathode carbon block and the periphery of the groove(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers).

Next(aluminum oxide blast media canada), the so-called start-up is to make the electrolytic cell form the basic technical conditions required for the electrolysis reaction under the state of connecting a series of currents, including the formation of a certain height of electrolyte melt and residual liquid, and the main part of the aluminum electrolysis cell Technical parameters are within the range required for electrolysis(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers). this idea is also adopted in the design of Pingguo 320ka tank(white aluminum oxide grit).

Although the start-up of the electrolytic cell is only a few days away(white aluminium oxide powder), it has a major impact on the working state of the electrolytic cell after it is started, and especially has a decisive impact on the life of the electrolytic phase(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers). Therefore, many scholars have reminded that sufficient attention should be paid to the training, start-up, and abnormal period management of aluminum electrolytic cells(also known as external heating method)(aluminum oxide blast media).

The investment for bus accounts for about 3% of the total cost of electrolytic planting(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). The length of the abnormal period depends on the different grid types, operating conditions and technical solutions between 1 and 3 months(vietnam aluminum oxide). The quality of management during this period is also directly related to whether the electrolysis can be successfully transferred to normal production, and it will affect the life of the electrolysis plant(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers).

This part is introduced in the dynamic balance and physical field of aluminum reduction cell(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers). Improper management of wall burning start and abnormal period can easily cause damage to the cathode, leaking tank accidents, or congenital shortage of the electrolyzer, and lifelong morbidity(wholesale brown fused alumina). Roasting methods of electrolytic mechanical equipment can be divided into two categories, one is electric wall firing, and the other is Fuel (gas, oil) burning method.

Coke particles (or graphite powder (sintering method, that is, the electric sintering method using coke particles or graphite powder as the resistor(brown fused alumina manufacturers). The aluminum liquid sintering method is to pour a certain amount of liquid into the electrolytic cell to cover the surface of the Ming electrode) And contact with the anode to form a current loop(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers). After the electrolytic cell is energized, heat is generated to burn the electrolytic cell(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit).

Then put the ice crystal stone and pure city into the tank(white fused alumina factory), and cover the ice crystal stone on the anode to strengthen the heat preservation and prevent the oxidation of the rigid electrode(cheap brown aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers); the full current is applied to burn. This is the reason why the discharge ene-burning electrolytic cell receives full current at a time(aluminium oxide blast media). The 20KA Planting Series launched by Shenyang lead iron design and Research Institute also adopts this design. 

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