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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide 16 Grit Germany

Starch is the representative of natural sizing(brown fused alumina). Starch is the main sizing of cotton cloth. This type of slurry has a long history, a wide range of sources, low prices, and is easy to use. Despite the development of new synthetic slurry, it is still the most important slurry binder. Animal glue is also an important sizing on cotton cloth(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). It is usually mixed with starch or used alone. It will be specifically described in the chapter on adhesives.

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This type of slurry binder is completely synthetic(pink aluminum oxide). It is the product of the development of modern polymer chemical industry. The binder is the main body of the slurry, and it plays the role of adhesion, adhesion, and film formation. As one of the auxiliary materials, in addition to its role, it is often used in order to reduce costs, greater extensibility(aluminum oxide abrasive), so the amount of use is often large on the premise of not substantially affecting the performance of the slurry.

There are many types of pulp(brown aluminum oxide). It is called semi-synthetic pulp because its raw materials are natural polymer compounds and are made by chemical treatment. They are also mainly used for sizing of cotton cloth. In the slurry, in addition to the binder, other non-sticky auxiliary ingredients, collectively referred to as auxiliary materials, or additives(emery abrasive). Different starches have different preparation methods, but the basic principles are the same.

Slurry consists of two major parts; binder and excipients(silicon carbide abrasive). With the development of the chemical industry, the application of synthetic slurry is developing rapidly. The slurry film of synthetic slurry has higher strength, good film formation, and can also artificially control the characteristics of high molecular polymers according to the requirements of the process(black silicon carbide). In order to improve the sizing process and improve the sizing quality Created favorable conditions.

The nature of the slurry is mainly determined by it, so the classification of the slurry is also mainly divided according to the type of binder(brown aluminium oxide). The role of the auxiliary material is to promote the function of the binder, improve and improve the process performance of the slurry film, and thereby further adapt to the needs of the manufacturing process of coated abrasives(synthetic corundum). It is insoluble in water, forms stable colloids in water, and reacts with iodine to become purple.

This type of pulp is mainly a derivative of cellulose and starch(white aluminium oxide). Excipients are generally non-self-adhesive. It has a certain effect on the film-forming properties and cohesiveness of the adhesive. Therefore, the amount of excipients used should be limited, and the minimum amount of excipients should be used to maximize the effectiveness(green silicon carbide), so that the substrate processing quality is significant Improvement is the basic principle of using excipients.

Take corn starch as an example, first remove the impurities from the corn and soak it in a warm acidic aqueous solution(black aluminum oxide). Crude protein is a good breeding base for microorganisms. It will degrade the pulp and deteriorate the physical and mechanical properties of the fabric. The less the content, the better(aluminum oxide grit). Sweet potato starch is processed and extracted from sweet potato. With different sweet potato varieties, the viscosity varies greatly.

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