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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide 16 Grit Suppliers Vietnam

The faster the reaction between the additive and TiO2 in the bauxite, the higher the dissolution rate of the diaspore(brown fused alumina). From the test data, it can be considered that almost all calcium and silver compound additives generate stable titanates in the mother liquor, reducing the concentration of titanate ions, thereby eliminating the blocking effect of TiO2 on dissolution(aluminum oxide abrasive).

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Chemical composition of bauxite: Al2O3, 81.6%, SiO2, 0.32%, Fe2O3, 0.49%, TiO2, 2.80%(brown aluminum oxide). All magnesium-containing additives are transformed into MgH2, which is difficult to react with TiO2 to form MgTiO3. The test results show that as the additive amount increases, the dissolution rate of alumina increases(green silicon carbide). Electron microscope observations show that FeTiO3 has smaller particles and higher titanium content.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 16 grit suppliers vietnam)

Therefore, it is impossible for magnesium compounds to eliminate the adverse effects of Ti02(brown aluminium oxide). Additives cannot interact with TiO2, and the dissolution rate of bauxite is very low. Conversely, if the concentration of CO in the mother liquor is very low and the concentration of OH is high(black silicon carbide), the barium compound additive reacts with TiO2 in the bauxite to form BaTiO3, and the dissolution rate of the bauxite is correspondingly high.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 16 grit suppliers vietnam)When the various additives reach the optimal amount, the alumina reaches the highest dissolution rate(white alumina). It is also found from the figure that the effect of Ba on the dissolution of the bauxite-type bauxite is more significant than that of the other two additives(aluminum oxide grit). When 5% to 7% BaO is added to the bauxite, the maximum dissolution rate is 97. %, And when 5% CaO and 7% BaSO were added, the maximum dissolution rate of alumina was 93% and 94%.

Without any additives, the dissolution rate of synthetic boehmite with TiO2 is very low(black corundum). As the additives Fe (OH) 3 and FeSO2 increase, the dissolution rate also increases, which indicates that Fe (OH) 3 and FeSO2 have a promoting effect on the dissolution process, but only when their added amount is much larger than that of lime(synthetic corundum), the promoting effect on the dissolution process is more obvious.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 16 grit suppliers vietnam)

X-ray diffraction analysis results of red mud in the presence of iron compounds show that: anatase in bauxite is almost completely dissolved(pink corundum), and a new substance, magnetite, is found in red mud in the presence of FeSO2, and found The composition of this new substance is FeTiO3(emery abrasive), which is obviously a reaction product of TiO2 and the additive FeSO2 in bauxite, which results in a faster dissolution process. 

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 16 grit suppliers vietnam)And magnetite also contains titanium(silicon carbide abrasive). During the dissolution process, Fe (OH) 3 loses water to generate hematite, and hematite is also found to contain titanium element. FeS and Fe (OH) 3 can accelerate the dissolution of diaspore. The main reason is not the influence of FeH and FeSO on the diaspore itself, but that these additives react with TiO2 to eliminate the harm to the dissolution process(garnet abrasive). Speed up the dissolution process.

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