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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide 250 Grit Poland

As a result, the brown fused alumina sintering zone and the lower body are difficult to sinter, the temperature of the product exiting the kiln is high, and the temperature of the primary air and secondary air is low, which affects the increase of the firing temperature. Multi burner and small flow burner arrangement are adopted, and the aluminum oxide abrasive temperature difference of the section with firing is small. 

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Due to the long sintering time (10 hours above 1600 ° C), Na2O is continuously volatilized, the bulk density of the burned brown aluminum oxide material is 3.65 ~ 3.90g / cm, the Na2O content is low (Na2O <0.2%), and the quality is better. For calcining high-density corundum clinker, it is best to use a high-temperature shaft kiln. Spherical body is calcined by rotary kiln, shaft kiln or other aluminum oxide grit furnaces. The output is 6000 ~ 20000t / a.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 250 grit poland)In the pre-dried body, the brown aluminium oxide damage in the calcination process will be greatly reduced. Even if the plastic ball is not dried, it is calcined in a rotary kiln in the laboratory, that is, without the high-speed air flow of the industrial production rotary kiln, the ball is damaged and fine powder is produced. The calcination system depends on whether the clinker is calcined together with the synthetic corundum product or separately.

Single calcination is better, because separate calcination can adopt a rapid temperature rise system and different white alumina calcination temperatures, so as to fire products of various quality indicators. The whole process of calcination includes 6h heat preservation, the final temperature is 1750 ° C for 70h, and the final temperature is 1300 ~ 1500 ° C for 30 ~ 40h. The garnet suppliers clinker is calcined in a tunnel kiln.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 250 grit poland)

The low-bore tunnel kiln designed by the St. Petersburg Refractories Research and Design Institute in Russia is a promising kiln type for calcining black corundum clinker. The working space is 0.75m high, the brick height is 0.6-0.7m, and the kiln width is 3.2m. Dense sintered green silicon carbide clinker can be calcined at 1750 ~ 1800 ° C, or lightly burned at 1300 ° C and 1500 ° C, and the density is 3.85 ~ 3.95 g / cm3. 

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 250 grit poland)The firing temperature of a factory in an inverted flame kiln is 1750 ~ 1830 ℃, the porosity of silicon carbide abrasive clinker is 6% -9%. The specifications of high temperature rotary kiln can be determined according to the requirements and output scale. Alcoa also uses a shaft kiln or a rotary kiln to calcine the pellets. The glass bead blasting media suppliers calcination temperature of this kiln is 1900 ~ 1950 ℃, and the holding time is 0.5 ~ 1h.

At present, there are two specifications of pink corundum domestic high temperature rotary kiln: 1.7m × 40m; $ 2.0m × 60m. Using heavy oil or natural gas as a high calorific value fuel, the calcination temperature is above 1850 ° C and the highest can reach 1960 ° C. If it is calcined together with the garnet abrasive product, it will be carried out in a small-section tunnel kiln with a height of 1m and a total calcination time of 144h.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 250 grit poland)

The black silicon carbide calcination temperature is 1815 ~ 1925 ° C. Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas are used as fuel. The throughput of the pellets and the flow rate of the gas mixture should be appropriate to make the pellets. The green body is well sintered. The fired pellets enter the cooler for cooling, and the under- and over-fired pellets are checked. The emery abrasive crystals and pores of the clinker calcined in the rotary kiln are relatively large.

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