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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide 250 Grit Thailand

After the shaped body is heat-treated, its shape is fixed, and it becomes an brown fused alumina with certain hardness, strength and heat resistance. According to the structure of the furnace, there are tunnel type and chamber (box) type. According to the heat transfer method, there are radiation and convection. According to the green silicon carbide heat source, there are electric heating, gas heating and far-infrared heating.

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The hardening process is also the brown aluminum oxide process of further polycondensation and cross-linking of resin molecules, that is, oligomers and linear polymers are cross-linked to form a network and a body-shaped high polymer, and a part of the volatiles (such as: NH, free phenol, moisture Etc.) evaporates from the bad body and finally becomes a hard solid. This black silicon carbide oven is suitable for small batch production and experimental use.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 250 grit thailand)

The hardening equipment uses a low-temperature heating furnace, called a hardening furnace. The technical requirements for the brown aluminium oxide hardening furnace are: high thermal efficiency and an energy-saving structure. The heat transfer is uniform, and the temperature difference between the aluminum oxide abrasive parts is less than 5 ℃. The thermal power can meet the requirements of rapid heating. Large furnace capacity. Easy to operate and maintain.

The structure of the electric oven is relatively simple. The 80 grit aluminum oxide heating elements are arranged on the bottom and sides of the box. The heat generated by the heating elements is directly baked into the bad body, and the furnace temperature is adjusted by a blower to make the furnace temperature uniform. There are also some aluminum oxide grit ovens that use blowers to send the air heated by the heating elements into the box and heat the green body with hot air.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 250 grit thailand)The white alumina furnace is composed of a chamber furnace body, a base, a blower and a thermal element box. This heat treatment process is called hardening (also called curing). The total length of the tunnel furnace is divided into three parts: the preheating zone, the hardening zone and the cooling zone (as shown in Figure 3-22). The tunnel-type hardening furnaces of domestic synthetic corundum tool factories are different.

The air in the furnace enters the thermal element box located at the back of the black corundum furnace body through the blower to be heated into hot air. Hot air is continuously circulated to make the temperature in the furnace uniform. This type of hardening furnace has the advantages of convenient operation and maintenance and small temperature difference in the emery abrasive furnace. It is a type of furnace with better resin hardening process.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 250 grit thailand)

The hot air is circulated in the pink corundum furnace by a blower to keep the zones at a predetermined temperature and reach a uniform temperature. The inner exhaust gas is discharged from the chimney, a track is laid in the bottom of the furnace, and the furnace car equipped with the green body enters and exits the car at a predetermined time interval. The green body of the abrasive tool is hardened by the preheating zone, the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media hardening zone and the cooling zone.

The design of the hardening curve of the tunnel furnace, the length of the tunnel furnace ÷ the length of the furnace = the length of each belt in the silicon carbide abrasive furnace ÷ the length of the parking space = the number of parking spaces per belt. Total number of cars ÷ cart speed = total hardening time (h) Number of cars per belt ÷ cart speed = time (h) for each belt is the hardening curve of the tunnel furnace. The latter has a better structure than the 220 grit aluminum oxide former.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 250 grit thailand)

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