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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide 30 Grit Producers Germany

The so-called ring lubrication refers to the use of solid materials to reduce the friction and wear between the contact surfaces(white fused alumina abrasives). The development of the same body lubrication mainly started from the Second World War, firstly from the empty industry. It also realizes the miniaturization, escape and automation of general mechanical equipment(carborundum grit suppliers). Stone operation has a layered structure, and the a-axis direction is covalently bonded.

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The formation of fluid + national body mixed lubrication(pink corundum), because the load of mechanical equipment, speed, temperature and other working parameters are increasing, the friction pair is often under dry extreme pressure conditions, that is, the flower contact area cannot guarantee full temperature mold lubrication. It is in a dry boundary lubrication state(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). People have to look for new lubricating materials and explore new lubricant slip methods.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 30 grit producers germany)

Because in this whole sector, there are many mechanical parts that require high temperature, high load(black corundum), Working under very harsh conditions such as ultra-low temperature, ultra-high vacuum, strong oxidation, and strong radiation, these conditions have exceeded the use limit of general fluid lubrication(silicon carbide abrasive powder), and most of the load is borne by the solid surface. It can also extend the life of the machine and improve the reliability and economy of mechanical equipment.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 30 grit producers germany)Because the circular body lubrication can meet the lubrication requirements of some special working conditions and can adapt to the complex working environment(brown fused alumina), its application is not limited to the aviation dog department. Remodeling and upgrading require the creation of clear conditions. It provides convenience for the adoption of new technology and new materials to realize the reform of mechanical design(black silicon carbide powder). Solid lubrication is rapidly developed under this background.

For example, the contact material commonly used in the original instrument slag is gold-nickel(green silicon carbide powder). The service life is only 3,000 times. In the later case, the self-sliding contact material was used. The service life was increased to 100,000 times, and the manufacturing was simplified and saved. For the consumption of Xianjin vehicles(brown fused alumina grit), the national body lubrication material can not only be used for dry plums without oil, but also can be widely used for oil lubrication.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 30 grit producers germany)

In this case, instead of relying solely on the boundary lubrication film formed by the lubricating oil and the solid surface(brown aluminium oxide), a solid lubricating coating with a large thickness and excellent performance is used to bear the load. This can effectively reduce the friction and improve the parts Endurance. The methods used can be roughly divided into three categories: the use of solid powder, the post-coating and the white lubricating composite material(pink aluminium oxide), space technology and other high-tech territories.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 30 grit producers germany)On a large number of basic equipment(white alumina), such as sliding shafts, rolling bearings, wheels, sleeves, cam tappets, sliding seals, and molds, etc., if the application of solid lubricating coatings is applied, the friction will be reduced. , Energy saving, long life of the key, and improved palmability. Its potential is very huge. In the process of burning, mix evenly, spray or smear the surface of the parts with a spray gun(brown fused alumina for sale), and it will become a dry film after exploding.

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