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Theoretically, the attractive force of interaction between two solids in contact can be divided into short-range force (such as metal bond, covalent bond and ionic bond, etc(silicon carbide companies).) and long-range force (such as van der Waals force), such as the contact between two pieces of pure gold At this time, a metal bond is formed between the interfaces(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). It is well known that the atomic structure of metals is It consists of two main parts.

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Charge fluctuations or instantaneous dipoles(white aluminium oxide). For pure diamond, the bond formed at the interface is similar to a covalent bond. Put two pieces of materials together, they will first be subjected to van der Waals forces, and attract each other. If it is assumed that the van der Waals force on the solid surface can be approximately superimposed(garnet abrasive). One is the positively charged nucleus, and the other is the negatively charged electron shell. Their high electrical energy is very low.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers hungary)In other words, the two concepts of hardness and strength and wear resistance before the test under this condition should be more strictly distinguished(black aluminum oxide). Therefore, it must be emphasized that the obvious sign of the second type of bonding is the white and bright layer caused by phase change(garnet suppliers). The metal bond force arranges countless atoms into various gold crystal lattices according to certain geometric rules, forming different crystal forms.

Therefore, this kind of dipole also appears from time to time, and induces dipoles in adjacent sources or molecules. If two rock salt contact, the surface will form an ionic bond. These surface forces are all short-range forces, while long-range forces (van der Waals forces) mainly act on the surface of polymer materials such as dry rubber(glass bead blasting media suppliers). These forces are caused by the fluctuation of the charge distribution in the molecules or atoms of the two objects.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers hungary)

Therefore, it is inappropriate to use the hardness and strength after heat treatment as the criterion of their wear resistance(pink aluminum oxide). During the friction process, the relative moving surfaces are constantly changing, so the sum of this van der Waals force contained in the two relative moving surfaces can be expressed by the following formula(aluminium oxide sandblasting). The interaction between metal positive ions and free electrons makes metal atoms combine to form metal bonds.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers hungary)Metal elements, especially the sacral valence gold amplitude element, have only a few 1-2 valence electrons in the outer electron shell(white corundum). The holding point is shown when the metal chain is close to each other. Since the adhesion of the material plays an extremely important role in tribology, the following is a more detailed introduction of the whole tree key and Fan Juanhuali in the Kucha effect(steel grid), and the strength at the interface is similar to that of the matrix.

Many tests have proved that the white and bright layer is the product of the reconstituted product caused by frictional heat, which contains a certain amount of "friction austenite"(silicon carbide price). And "friction martensite", these structures may be completely absent in the materials before the test, and the performance changes of the friction surface are also complicated when the second type of bonding occurs(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). Because of the interaction between atoms.

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