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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide 70 Grit Brazil

The two types of plate corundum are 325 fine powder, and the brown fused alumina is less than 20um fine powder. 80% corundum, pure calcium aluminate cement (only CaO · Al2O3 and a-Al2O3 are present in the X-ray diffraction spectrum. After the garnet abrasive characteristic peaks are mixed uniformly at 20%, they are dry-pressed and further isostatically pressed at 80 MPa, 1500 ℃, 8h Sintered.

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The plate-shaped brown aluminum oxide has a relatively low density, and it is considered that there are tiny intragranular pores (closed pores 1 ~ 10um). These intracrystalline pores are not only impervious to slag, but also greatly improve the thermal shock resistance of the aggregate. Fused plate corundum is very similar to sintered plate aluminum oxide abrasive. Under certain microscopic scales, the crystals have a prominent plate-like morphology.

Electrofused plate corundum, sintered plate corundum and brown aluminium oxide are used as the matrix material of the castable. Secondary electron images (SE1) of fractures of samples 1 and 2 are similar, but sample 3 is different. It is also used as the matrix material for green silicon carbide mullite kiln furniture, and it also shows the effect on strength and thermal shock resistance, and it is easy to be crushed.

The common point of all the glass bead blasting media suppliers samples is that all the crystals are in the form of particles or bars, and the plate-like a-Al2O3 is no longer present. Replace fused corundum in ceramic roller rods with fused plate corundum (both below 38, including a portion of 325 fine powder). The qualified rate of thermal shock resistance of the aluminum oxide grit product is increased by 20.2%, and the flexural strength is also increased by 7%.

Because the fused plate-shaped white alumina has more closed pores and is larger, the plate structure is fully developed, so the strength is low. It is more suitable for the ingredients in the form of fine powder. However, after high temperature (1650 ~ 1800 ℃) heat treatment, the plate-shaped black silicon carbide castable has much higher thermal shock resistance and flexural strength than the fused corundum castable.

The X-ray diffraction spectrum of each black corundum sample is very similar, and the crystalline phases show only CaO · 6Al2O3 and a-Al2O3. Corundum mullite products made of plate-shaped corundum have excellent thermal shock resistance and relatively high strength. Then, the flexural strength of the sample and the flexural strength of the garnet suppliers sample after 5 cycles of 1100 ° C to room temperature were measured. 

China has abundant high bauxite resources, which generally contain SiO2 and TiO2 is high. The silicon carbide abrasive used in the refractory department generally refers to the national standards of the abrasive industry and combines the quality requirements of its own products to select the processed synthetic corundum, and at the same time can remove some iron. There are many closed-mouth pores in the crystal and the purity is high.

Below 1780 ° C, no plate-shaped pink corundum is found, and it can be verified that temperature is the determinant of plate-shaped corundum formation. The use of AlF3 can reduce SiO2 to 0.12% and TiO2 to 0.03% in alumina. If further measures are taken to reduce Fe2O3 (such as pickling), the Al2O3 content of the sintered alumina corundum can reach the level of fused sub-emery abrasive, plus Al2O3.

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