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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide 70 Grit Taiwan

The results show that the hardness of the fused alumina can only be reduced by a small level when the temperature rising speed increases from 25 ℃ / h to 500 ℃ / h. Therefore, only the specification of grinding tools, black silicon carbide suppliers charging method and kiln type are considered. When the abrasive tools with large size are burned, the heat is not uniform, and the internal thermal stress is easy to occur.

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When the grinding wheel is in the brittle stage, garnet abrasive when the thermal stress exceeds the strength of the grinding wheel itself, the grinding wheel cracks. The theoretical relationship between the heating rate and the thermal stress is that the loading condition and the temperature uniformity in the kiln also affect the heating rate. In order to make the temperature of the black oxide aluminum grinding tools uneven, the baking time should be prolonged.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 70 grit taiwan)The brown aluminium oxide grinding tools should be controlled in neutral or weak oxidation atmosphere. If it is strong oxidation atmosphere, it is easy to make the brown and corundum color light, and iron class is easy to appear. To determine the atmosphere in the kiln, take out the waste gas from the kiln, and glass beads supplier analyze the content of CO, N2, O2, etc. the fuel combustion situation worsens, in the gas with a gas analyzer.

When the content of O2 is 1% ~ 1.5%, it is a neutral flame, and when the pink corundum content of O2 is less than 1%, it is a reduction flame. The pressure in the kiln is related to the velocity of gas flow, heat exchange, temperature uniformity and atmosphere. If the pressure in the reverse kiln is too large, the gas flow rate in the kiln is too slow, the green carborundum fuel is wasted, the heating rate is affected, and the hot gas overflows.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 70 grit taiwan)

If the negative pressure is too large, the gas flow in the kiln is too fast, it will be discharged out of the kiln, brown fused alumina which not only wastes the heat energy, but also absorbs cold air to reduce the heating rate. If the temperature is raised again, the strength of the grinding tool is in a stable state, but the garnet suppliers burning temperature is too high, a large number of closed pores are formed in the grinding tool, and the strength decreases.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide 70 grit taiwan)If the negative pressure is too large, the black corundum flame will flow to the fire suction hole before reaching the top of the kiln chamber, resulting in low temperature in the upper part of the kiln and high temperature in the lower part, and a large amount of air will be inhaled. The strong oxidation atmosphere in the kiln will cause the silicon carbide companies to turn white, while the white corundum abrasive will show iron spots.

The content of O2 is 8% ~ 10%, and the brown aluminum oxide content of O is 4% ~ 5%. Too much pressure in the kiln forms reducing atmosphere, and the heat energy of the heat carrier is not fully exchanged with the grinding tool body, which causes the black center of silicon carbide abrasives. The size of grinding tool has a great influence on the heating speed. arc fused alumina should have strong oxidation atmosphere to prevent black center.

The white alumina firing standard of grinding tools includes firing curve, atmosphere system and pressure system. For the tunnel kiln, the pressure in the kiln is too large or too small to ensure the formation of firing curve, and there are similar disadvantages with the inverted flame kiln. When the temperature is below 900 ℃, it will turn into brittle body again, so the steel grid cooling rate should be slowed down.(cheap brown aluminum oxide 70 grit taiwan)

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