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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit South Korea

When the temperature is below 600C(arc fused alumina), the crystal transformation and integrity are easy to occur. But there is one thing in common, that is, when choosing refractories for blast furnace hot blast stove, because the temperature of hot blast stove changes periodically and frequently(high purity fused aluminum oxide), refractories should have good volume stability and uniform thermal expansion to ensure the overall stability of large-scale refractory brick masonry structure.

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The service life of the hot blast stove is very long, which is generally required to be 10-20 years(brown fused alumina). When the temperature is low, that is below 600 ℃, the thermal expansion of the silica brick changes greatly with the temperature, resulting in the poor thermal cracking performance of the silica brick at low temperature(fused alumina). However, at 600 ℃ and T, the thermal expansion rate of silica brick is almost independent of the change of temperature. Silica brick and red pillar stone brick show good volume stability.

The volume stability of refractory brick is an important performance that affects the stability and reliability of refractory masonry(brown aluminum oxide). This means that above 600 ℃, the volume of silica brick does not change with temperature, so it shows very good volume stability and excellent heat-resistant cracking performance(silicon carbide price). All countries have stipulated the minimum service temperature of silica brick, which should be higher than 600 ℃ in general, and higher than 800C in Japan.

In addition, the baking process should be carried out carefully in the low temperature stage to ensure the slow transformation of crystal form without damaging the masonry(brown aluminium oxide). The coefficient of linear expansion of gaoguo brick, Hongzhu brick or sillimanite brick is small, and it is stable with the change of temperature(black oxide aluminum). Therefore, their temperature range is not affected by this factor, which is beneficial to the operation of hot blast furnace and the service life of refractories. 

Therefore, the temperature range of silica brick should not be lower than 600 ℃(white alumina). The refractories bear a lot of load caused by self weight, so it is required to use refractories with excellent creep resistance under high temperature load. It can be seen from the figure that the silicon brick system in the figure is measured under the conditions of 0.1MPa load and 1550 ℃ heating(green carborundum); the load applied by aluminum silicate brick is 0.2MPa, and the heating temperature is 1350 ℃ and 1300 ℃ respectively.

Silica brick has the most excellent high-temperature creep resistance, and its high-temperature creep rate is very small(black corundum); secondly, high alumina brick, including high alumina brick made of high alumina clinker and sillimanite minerals, has good high-temperature creep resistance, and the closer its composition is to the composition of mullite, the better its anti creep performance(glass beads supplier). However, the bulk density of silica brick is small, and its heat storage capacity is poor.

It should be pointed out that in Western Europe, as in the United States(pink corundum), square magnesite bricks with MgO content of 95% ~ 96% of the forest heat capacity were used in the upper part of the regenerator of the hot blast furnace, while low-cost semi silica bricks were generally used in the middle and lower part of the regenerator(silicon carbide companies). Creep resistance of refractories under high temperature load, and it has better thermal shock resistance in the whole temperature range.

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