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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Suppliers USA

The quality of the treated dry sand (particle size(brown aluminum oxide), dust content and moisture) and temperature directly affect the molding quality and process, thus affecting whether the casting will cause defects. The vacuum stabilization system is to provide a stable negative pressure field  for the dry sand negative pressure sand box(black silicon carbide), so that the dry sand can be shaped under the action of atmospheric pressure.

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At the same time, the gas produced by oxidation and cracking of white mold (foam plastic pattern) is removed during pouring process to ensure smooth and orderly pouring(black corundum). The molding sand should be screened to remove blocks and dust to ensure that the dry sand maintains a good particle size(aluminum oxide abrasive). The metal inclusions are removed by magnetic separation, and the dry sand is cooled to below 50 ℃(vacuum degree).(cheap brown aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers usa)

During pouring, the sand box is filled with compacted dry sand mold, and the gas between sand particles accounts for about 30% of the gas in the sand box volume(brown fused alumina). The conveying capacity of dry sand is large, and conveying equipment is also needed(white aluminium oxide grit). The automatic line of sand box adopts pneumatic or mechanical device to connect the hose of vacuum stabilization system with the vacuum interface of sand box.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers usa)In addition, there are a large amount of gas formed by the rapid decomposition of white mold under the thermal impact of high temperature metal(pink corundum), the gas brought in by the sprue with the flow strand and the leakage of the sealing plastic film above into the sand box, etc. In the free station, the vacuum hose is inserted manually(aluminum oxide grit), and the number of sand boxes poured at the same time(structure must match the process).

The factors that should be considered when determining the pumping capacity of the vacuum pump include(brown aluminium oxide): the size and quantity of white mold for casting casting, bead material (EPS or EPMMA), alloy material (steel, iron, copper, aluminum, etc.), sand box size(white aluminium oxide blasting media). The vacuum stabilization system consists of water ring vacuum pump, gas-water separator, pressure stabilizing filter, distribution valve, vacuum hose, etc.(cheap brown aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers usa)

The most suitable vacuum pump for EPC is water ring vacuum pump(silicon carbide abrasive), which has a large air pumping capacity, which can reach more than 0.08pma, and can work under the condition of severe dust and flue gas.  Therefore, the selected vacuum pump should be large, but the accuracy of its vacuum degree is not very high(synthetic corundum). The high temperature cracking gas of white mold (EPS, EPMMA) should be able to be treated innocuously.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers usa)When pouring large or extra large pieces(white alumina), two sets of voltage stabilizing systems can be used in parallel, and one set of voltage stabilizing system can be used for pouring small parts(lifting and storage hopper, etc.). When pouring large and extra large pieces, even if one set of pressure stabilizing system fails, the other can continue to work(brown aluminum oxide grit), so as to avoid forcing the casting to stop and scrap the casting(organic harmful gas).

If the vacuum pressure stabilizing system does not match, the gas generated during pouring can not be discharged in time(green silicon carbide), or the vacuum system fails, the vacuum pump can not absorb the gas, and the whole casting surface will be black. The power of the vacuum pump should match with the number of the sand box locked during pouring, especially the gas evolution of the white mold (EPS or epm-ma)(emery abrasive). Reduce waste.(cheap brown aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers usa)

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