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Oxygen converter gunning can improve the furnace life, but also bring the side effect of destroying the original brick village(brown aluminium oxide). However, the practice of most countries has proved that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. In general, local gunning can prolong lining life by 10% ~ 26%(corundum sand); when preventive gunning is carried out according to the plan, furnace life can be increased by 40% ~ 60%, and form a solid bonding layer.

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It can be seen from the table that the chemical composition of spray coating is basically the same as that of converter brick, but the particles are smaller(white alumina). The relationship between coating consumption and lining life extension rate is shown in the figure. In order to reduce the erosion of high temperature molten steel on furnace lining(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), the tapping port can be increased or the tapping temperature can be reduced properly, spray it on the furnace lining, so it has a bright future.

It can be seen from the figure that the service life of oxygen converter lining increases gradually with the increase of unit consumption of refractory coating(black corundum). Wet and dry gunning are widely used, and flame gunning has no damage to furnace lining. The refractory spray coating is composed of 65% ~ 70% magnesia, 5% ~ 35% coke powder or anthracite powder and 5% ~ 20% aluminum powder(high purity fused aluminum oxide). Although the furnace life is not very high, the total cost is relatively low.

No matter how long the furnace is, the cost of refractory coating will increase, and the total cost will also increase(pink corundum). The spray gun used in the flame gunning device can move up and down or rotate to gunning the entire furnace lining or partial furnace lining. The refractory spray coating is transported by oxygen(aluminum oxide for sand blaster), and the oxygen after spraying is mixed with the spray coating, which can fully burn the combustible in the material, so as to heat the refractory to the plastic state.

The technical performance and technical parameters of the gunning device are as follows: the length of the spray gun is 13.5m, the outer diameter is 194mm(aluminium oxide 36 grit), the number of spray holes is 12, the inner diameter of the feed pipe of the spray gun is 50mm, the spray amount is generally 500kg / min, the oxygen consumption is about 300m / Nin, and the gunning time is about 4min each time(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). On the contrary, the cost of lining bricks will also increase.

But it is not economical to spray too much refractory(brown fused alumina). Based on the specific situation of BOF steelmaking at home and abroad, the economic life of BOF steelmaking is studied with emphasis on increasing production, improving quality and reducing consumption. The figure shows the relationship between converter life and lining material cost(aluminum oxide 40 grit). It can be seen from the figure that the economic furnace life of the furnace is more than 4000 times, and the total cost of lining materials is the lowest.

In order to obtain the best technical and economic results, it is also feasible to reduce the thickness of converter lining properly or enlarge the amount of basic bricks with low price(brown aluminum oxide). In terms of the composition of refractory consumption, the proportion of refractory spraying coating is significantly reduced, accounting for about one-third of the total consumption, which can not only save manpower and refractory, but also increase the steel-making time(60 grit aluminum oxide).

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