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The main fused alumina bauxite producers are Australia, Guinea, Brazil and Jamaica. Among them, alumina in gibbsite type bauxite is most easily dissolved by caustic solution, followed by gibbsite type and diaspore type. Because these two oxides can exist in ores in a variety of mineral forms. Under certain dissolution conditions, some minerals can react with alkali solution, glass bead blasting media suppliers while others cannot.

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In addition, the type of bauxite has a certain impact on the technical and economic indicators of each wet process after brown fused alumina dissolution. Therefore, the type of bauxite is closely related to the dissolution conditions and alumina production cost. In practical application, the index of evaluating the quality of bauxite is mainly the content of available black oxide aluminum and reactive silica. 

Active silicon oxide refers to the silicon carbide price which can react with alkali in the brown aluminum oxide production process and cause loss of Al2O3 and Na2O. Therefore, the content of effective alumina and active silica is different from the total alumina content and total silica content of ore in actual glass beads supplier production. Generally speaking, the rougher the ore is, the higher the Al Si ratio is; on the contrary, the denser the ore is, the lower the Al Si ratio is.

For example, diaspore can't be dissolved without reacting with alkali solution under the condition of brown aluminium oxide dissolving diaspore. Similarly, the silica in the form of quartz in the ore is inert silica that does not react with alkali solution under the condition of dissolution, and is not included in the active silica. Generally speaking, the quality of monohydrate bauxite ore is determined by Al2O3 content and arc fused alumina silica ratio.

Because under the condition of monohydrate bauxite dissolution, white alumina Al2O3 in bauxite can be regarded as all effective, while SiO2 can be regarded as all active. However, part of iron minerals in red earth type gibbsite and monohydrate soft bauxite are in the form of goethite and aluminum goethite, silicon carbide companies which has a negative impact on the dissolution rate, red mud settling performance and alkali loss.

The lower the content of other harmful impurities such as black corundum sulfur, carbonate and organic matter, the better. Iron oxide generally has little effect on Bayer process, its parent rock must first undergo laterization, mainly increasing the amount of red mud. Even if its content is high, it can't be included in the content of effective alumina. The ratio of garnet suppliers to silicon is also higher in those with hard texture.

In the pink corundum process of formation of laterite type bauxite, then sedimentary weathering or transport deposition and then wind flower. Laterite type bauxite accounts for a large proportion of the world's bauxite reserves. Moreover, most of the laterite type bauxite deposits are surface deposits, which are easy to be mined in the open, green carborundum and most of them are gibbsite type bauxite with high mining utilization ratio.

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