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The general tuyere device is composed of gooseneck, elbow, straight blow pipe and tuyere sleeve(white alumina). The requirements for it are: good sealing, insufficient wind, high temperature resistance, heat insulation and less heat loss, durable, easy to disassemble and mechanization. The air outlet device is as shown in the figure(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Most of them are caused by melting loss, of course, they are also caused by damage or wear.

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Gooseneck is a big and small reducing bend, whose shape should ensure that the smaller the local resistance loss is, the better(black corundum). Large and medium blast furnaces are made of cast steel, with clay bricks built inside, so that they can withstand high temperature and have small heat loss(low density white alumina). The flange plate on the tuyere sleeve can be fixed together with the flange plate on the tuyere sleeve. Slag mouth is a slag discharging equipment, which consists of four water jackets and their compression fixings.

After casting and core sand cleaning, the sand cleaning hole is blocked with a plug(pink corundum). Because of its complex structure and lax sealing, recently, Germany and Japan have changed to two end flange connection, and the gooseneck pipe is equipped with two expansion rings, which can well compensate the height of the shroud The relative displacement of the furnace solves the problem of unsealing caused by other expansion, contraction and dislocation.

The elbow is hung on the gooseneck with a bolt, which is also made of cast steel. It is built with clay bricks inside(silicon carbide abrasive). There is an air vent hole viewing device at the back. For the sake of sealing, spherical contact surface is made at the lower end which is often removed and replaced(white alumina powder). In view of the way of spherical contact, it is required to add spherical straight pipe at the joint of upper and lower flange, and two sets of lifting ring pins, which are respectively fixed from both sides. 

The lower end is a ribbed plate for tightening and fixing(green silicon carbide). This increase in weight brings inconvenience to the air outlet, but it can prevent burning red or burning through in high temperature, which not only reduces heat loss, but also ensures safety(aluminium oxide blasting). In order to prevent burning out, the heat-resistant steel or stainless steel can be used at the spherical contact of both ends of the direct blow pipe, and water cooling can be used to improve its strength.

The shape of the tuyere is generally a cone-shaped cavity tuyere(brown fused alumina). The tuyere water jacket, in order to facilitate replacement and reduce spare parts consumption, is made into a cone-shaped three-stage water jacket. Tuyere sleeve is a cast iron cooler for casting human serpentine seamless steel pipe. It has flange plate flange which is fixed on the furnace shell with screws(black alumina). When the furnace is operated under high pressure, there is tuyere sleeve on the furnace shell.

The second set of tuyeres and tuyeres are generally made of bronze (cu97.8%, sn1.5%, fe0.7%), and the large blast furnace is also made of copper plate by welding(brown aluminum oxide). Because the cooling strength required here is large, the material with good thermal conductivity should be selected(alumina grit). Therefore, if the frequency of slag mouth is bad, it will not only affect the smooth running of blast furnace, but also seriously affect the increase of output and economic benefits.

When cooling, there is a partition between the water inlet and the water outlet to ensure that the cooling water flows back to the front end and the lower part before flowing out(brown aluminium oxide). The tuyere diameter is determined according to air volume, wind speed and tuyere quantity(black silicon carbide). Generally, the tuyere wind speed of large blast furnace is suitable for 100-120m / s, in order to prevent gas leakage, and that of medium and small blast furnace is suitable for 60-90m / s.

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