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Therefore, in the analysis of the influence of the composition of the products on their properties(brown aluminium oxide), it is not comprehensive to analyze and investigate the problems from the chemical composition alone, and the chemical mineral composition should be further observed(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). The mineral composition of refractories is generally divided into two categories: the main crystal phase and the matrix phase.

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Under the condition of fixed chemical composition, due to the uniformity of composition distribution and the difference of processing technology(white alumina), different minerals, quantity, grain size and bonding state in the composition of refractory products, and different microstructure result in different performance of products(100 grit aluminum oxide), which often has a decisive influence on some properties of products, shape and distribution of the mineral phase. 

Its quantity is not large, but its composition structure is complex and its effect is obvious(black corundum). For example, silica products with the same content of SiO2 can form two kinds of minerals, i.e. tridymite and cristobalite, with different structures and properties under different processing conditions(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). Even if the mineral composition of the product is certain, it will have a significant impact on the properties of the product with the different grain size.

The main crystal phase refers to the crystal phase with high melting point which is the main part of the product structure(pink corundum). Matrix is the crystal mineral or glass phase filled between the main crystal phases of refractory products(silicon carbide 180 grit). The micro identification of the brick eroded by the slag in the process of using can provide the direction of improving the quality, which makes some properties of products different.

Most refractory products (except a few special refractory products) can be divided into two categories according to the composition of their main crystal phase and matrix phase(silicon carbide price): multi-component refractory products containing crystal phase and glass phase, whose matrix is glass phase, such as clay brick, silica brick, etc.(best alumium oxide for glass blasting); multi-component products containing crystal phase, water absorption, whose matrix is mostly fine crystal. 

The macrostructure of refractories is an inhomogeneous body composed of solid materials and gas pores(green carborundum). One is the type of crystal structure cemented by silicate (silicate crystal mineral or vitreous) binder, the other is the crystal formed by direct crisscross combination of crystal particles(aluminum oxide blast media). Magnesia brick, chrome magnesia brick and other basic refractories. There are two types of microstructure of refractory products.

It is of great significance to identify and study the raw materials and products of refractories(brown fused alumina), as well as the mineral composition and microstructure of bricks after use, especially for the transformation of tridymite and cristobalite in silica bricks, the development of mullite grains in high alumina bricks, mechanical properties(white aluminium oxide 180/220), and the size, shape and distribution characteristics of cristobalite grains in magnesia bricks.

The properties of refractories mainly refer to their structural properties, thermal properties, use properties and operation properties(brown aluminum oxide). The existence of pores greatly reduces the resistance of products to external erosion under high temperature conditions, and directly affects the porosity, bulk density, air permeability and other indicators of refractories(silicon carbide companies). And products often start to damage from the matrix part when they are used.

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