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The lightning current should be discharged into the earth through the grounding grid of the substation(brown aluminum oxide). Because the grounding resistance is very small, the interface circuit of data communication and measurement and control technology is obviously much more sensitive than the power supply system circuit of each termina(aluminium oxide suppliers)l, so the data interface circuit must be carefully protected. 

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The first level protection of power supply equipment of automation device adopts lightning current dischargers(black corundum), which are either installed at the entrance of the building or in the main distribution box. In order to ensure that the residual voltage of the follow-up equipment is not too high(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), the secondary protection must be installed according to the nature of the protection scope.(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)

The installation of over-voltage discharger in the lower power distribution facilities is the second level protection measure, and the third level protection is to protect the instrument and equipment(brown fused alumina). The method is to install the over-voltage discharger directly at the front end of the instrument(brown aluminum oxide blast media). The loss of combined rectifier cabinet of rectifier transformer accounts for more than 95% of the system loss.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)In the early 1980s, through a large number of research and experiments, they obtained basically consistent comprehensive empirical data(pink corundum). The energy consumption of aluminum electrolysis power supply system mainly includes the loss of rectifier system and power system(white aluminium oxide blasting media). For every 1% increase (decrease) of current sharing coefficient in rectifier arm, the loss of rectifier decreases (or increases) by about 1%.

Scientific allocation of power load makes the load of each transformer close to the economic operation point(brown aluminium oxide); scientific arrangement of rectification system maintenance, reducing single unit outage time, improving the rectification efficiency of the system, etc(brown aluminum oxide sand). For the rectifier equipment, the current sharing degree of the rectifier is a topic of great concern to relevant experts at home and abroad.(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)

In the power system loss of aluminum electrolysis(white aluminium oxide grit), with the application of various high-performance transformers and motors and the reasonable design of distribution lines, the loss has decreased a lot. At present, the loss of high-voltage motor is the main component of power loss(brown aluminum oxide grit). The loss of power system consists of line loss, power transformer loss, power distribution device loss and power equipment loss.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)But the lightning current amplitude is very large, the wave head steepness is high(white alumina), there will be a certain impact point on the grounding grid, which will produce a potential difference on some equipment and damage the equipment. The on-line current sharing tester can monitor the parameters of each rectifier element in the rectifier cabinet in real time(white fused alumina micro powder), and know the change of each element's parameters well.

Energy saving measures of aluminum electrolysis power supply system: strengthening the operation management of aluminum electrolysis power supply is the most economic means to reduce the loss(garnet supply). Several foreign companies, such as abb and Siemens, attach great importance to current sharing test(aluminum oxide 320 grit). The loss of rectifier system is mainly composed of line loss, transformer group loss, rectifier cabinet loss and DC bus loss.

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