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It is mainly to determine the alumina content in pink aluminum oxide. The quality of the selected materials largely determines the quality of brown corundum production(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturer). The alumina content of bauxite used in general must reach the standard, even higher than the actual standard. At the same time, in the production process, we need to strictly follow the process, so as to minimize the impact of impurities on the brown corundum products.

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At present, the green silicon carbide block is mainly made of bauxite, carbon and iron scraps by high temperature arc melting. In this method, the content of other impurities in the brown corundum is measured first. In the crystallization zone of brown corundum, the crystallization route of brown corundum shortens with the increase of MgO content(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturer). If the MgO content is more than 3%, the first crystallization zone is not black silicon carbide but magnesia alumina spinel.

The content of alumina in the black aluminum oxide is calculated. Generally, according to its alumina content, the brown corundum is divided into three levels, i.e. the first level, the second level and the third level. The aluminum oxide content is the most important index of the product quality of the brown corundum. Generally, the alumina content of black oxide aluminum is 95-97%(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturer). The higher the content, the greater the hardness and the better the quality.

To judge the quality of brown corundum, EDTA is the main method to determine the alumina content in aluminum oxide grit. The method is complex, the steps are very complicated, and the obtained value has some deviation. It can also be used to determine the content of alumina by EDTA complexometric titration(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturer). This method can directly test the content of silicon carbide abrasive without other data. It not only reduces the test steps, but also gets more accurate data.

The calcium oxide in bauxite is difficult to be reduced by carbon and almost all of it enters the melt(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturer). If there are only Cao and white corundum in the melt, the impurity Cao will be crystallized and precipitated with calcium hexaaluminate during the cooling process, and each Cao molecule will consume 6 alumina molecules, that is to say, 10.91 parts of white fused alumina price will be consumed for each mass of Cao, and 11.91 parts of calcium hexaaluminate will be generated.

The utilization of silica in bauxite(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturer). The crystallization may be precipitated by calcium plagioclase, and each calcium oxide molecule consumes only one molecule of brown fused alumina, that is, each mass of calcium oxide consumes only 1.818 parts of alumina, resulting in 4.96 parts of calcium plagioclase. The utilization of black aluminum oxide media in bauxite containing magnesium, magnesium oxide in the melt has a strict restriction on the crystallization of brown corundum.

Silicon oxide and sodium oxide, in the smelting of pink fused alumina, each molecule of sodium oxide consumes 11 molecules of alumina(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturer). When a certain amount of silica exists in the melt at the same time, it can make the first crystallization area return to the crystallization area of brown corundum, or increase the crystallization route of brown corundum, and make more alumina precipitate as brown aluminum oxide phase.

During kiln loading, high-quality corundum bricks are used to build a support frame, and corundum bayonet bricks are installed on the upper part of the frame(white fused alumina factory). The width and height of the shelf are determined according to the thickness and length of the product. In order to ensure the purity of the slurry, the pickling method must be used to remove the metallic iron brought in during the grinding process(aluminum oxide 40 grit). Pickling generally adopts hydrochloric acid and secondary pickling to remove iron(cheap brown aluminum oxide manufacturer).

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