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Static methods include melting cone method, crucible method and dipping method(brown fused alumina). Crucible method. This is the simplest method in the slag resistance test. Carbon deposition occurred for several hours, and the sample was damaged for several hours in total. Its shape and size are the same as the standard measuring cone(aluminum oxide abrasive). Cut up, one of which is cut from the inside of the product, and the other one should have an original surface of the product.

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It can only reflect the influence of the chemical mineral composition on the slag resistance, while other influencing factors cannot be shown(brown aluminum oxide). China (GB8931), the United States (ASTMC874) and the United Kingdom (BS19025 · 13) all stipulate this method as the standard method for checking the slag resistance of drip refractories(aluminum oxide grit). The Chinese national standard (GB / T14983-1994) stipulates the test method for alkali resistance of refractory materials. 

Cut a cube with a side length of 80mm and a height of 65mm from a refractory product(brown aluminium oxide), or drill a cylindrical specimen with a diameter of 50mm and a height of 50mm, and drill a hole with a diameter of 30 ~ 40mm and a depth of 30 ~ 40mm in the center of the item surface (also This kind of crucible can be made directly from refractory materials(synthetic corundum), loaded with a certain amount of slag, heated at a specified temperature, and maintained for a certain period of time.

Divided into 4 grades: unaffected (U) grade, no cracks seen; slight cracking (LC) grade, capillary crack; cracking (C) grade, crack width greater than 0.4mm(white alumina); disintegrating (D) grade, broken into Two or more. The principle is that at 1100 ° C, K2CO3 reacts with charcoal to generate alkali vapor, which erodes the refractory sample and generates new alkali metal silicate and carbonate(emery abrasive). When cooling, the heat-resistant glass tube must be flushed with a stream of nitrogen.

Melting cone method(silicon carbide abrasive). Cracking, that is, damage causes flaking with a diameter greater than 13mm or surface bursting, or both. The British "Measurement Method of Anti-CO" (BS19023 · 10) stipulates that two prisms with a length of 70mm, a width of 50mm and a thickness of 50mm, or a cylinder with a diameter of 50mm and a height of 70mm are used as a set of samples(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Destroyed, that is, the sample is broken into 2 pieces or more, or it can be broken with one hand.

The sample is placed in a heat-resistant glass tube closed at one end in the heating furnace(green silicon carbide), heated to 450C for heat preservation, CO gas is introduced, the flow rate is 2L / h, and the change of the sample is observed at any time from the 3 windows of the heating furnace. The continuous ventilation time shall not be less than 200h. If the sample is damaged during this time, the test is ended(alumina grit). The sample was exposed to a CO atmosphere at 450 ° C.

The test results are expressed in the following manner: the sample was exposed to CO atmosphere at 450 ° C for several hours without damage(black silicon carbide). And describe the change of each sample. Also known as the triangular cone method, the refractory and slag are ground into fine powder and mixed in different proportions to make a truncated triangular cone(fused aluminium oxide). The degree of refractoriness reduction indicates the slag resistance of the refractories.

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