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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Thailand

Vibration mill is composed of electric motor, buy brown fused alumina elastic coupling (rubber tube), vibrator (eccentric wheel), spring, main shaft, frame, base, material and so on. The working principle of the vibration mill: When the motor starts, the eccentric rotates through the elastic coupling. Due to the inertia centrifugal force of the eccentric, the frame supported on the spring vibrates. The steel shot abrasive grinding machine and the material in the barrel follow the vibration.

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The movement direction of the pink corundum grinding body is opposite to the rotation direction of the main shaft. When the frequency is high, this kind of rotation motion is very violent, which can give a great effect to the grinding and striking of materials. Increasing the amplitude can only increase the impact of the grinding ball. The total ball material is 80% ~ 90% of the cylinder volume. Wet grinding Only 70%. It plays the role of splitting and dispersing garnet abrasive price.

Generally, solid materials are always defective in structure. Such brown fused alumina materials are subject to mechanical vibration, which will cause fatigue damage along the weakest point. This is a characteristic of vibration crushing. In the vibration mill, the number of collisions of the black silicon carbide material balls with each other is up to 1,000 times than that in the rotating ball mill, so the crushing efficiency is high and the abrasive time is short.

Therefore, in addition to the total cyclic motion, the white alumina grinding body also has a rotation motion. There are two types of vibration mills: Wet vibration also has more advantages than dry vibration. At present, vibration vibration can be crushed to 1 ~ 10 um, and high-speed vibration crushing can reach 1 ~ 5um. Materials are restricted. Dry vibration material: steel ball = 1: 4; wet vibration material: steel ball: water = 1: 4: 0.8 ~ 1.0; glass bead abrasive material: porcelain ball = 112.

Generally speaking, the vibration frequency is high, and the brown aluminum oxide crushing efficiency is high when the amplitude is small, otherwise it is low. This effect is only useful for coarse particles in the initial stage of crushing. The increase of the vibration frequency, that is, the increase of the number of vibrations, also increases the number of impacts of the silicon carbide abrasive grinding ball, especially the rotation of the mill, which greatly improves the grinding and impact of the material.

Therefore, it is required to use large and small balls together, and the black corundum size is 1: 3 to 1: 5. Sometimes for convenience, a natural match is used, that is, after a certain period of time, a new ball is added to supplement the amount of wear. The vibration mill is affected by the ball in the entire volume, but when using it, pay attention to leave a certain gap, otherwise the glass beads manufacturers crushing efficiency will be affected. dry vibration and wet vibration.

Therefore, when brown aluminium oxide pulverizing, a small amount of surface-active substances need to be added as grinding aids, such as oleic acid (<1%), propanoic acid, ethylene glycol (0.3%) and other organic polar molecules during ball milling during dry milling. Oleic acid easily penetrates into the micro-cracks of the particles, and these emblem cracks exist on the surface of the green silicon carbide general particles (due to the severe cold after calcination, stress will occur and cause micro-cracks.

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