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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Portugal

Due to some specific practical reasons, these technologies are still not available for large-scale applications in industry(brown aluminum oxide). At present, some foreign research institutions have developed a new type of heat exchange type one-leaving electrolytic orange, such as Weiwei, France and other countries(fused alumina). The principle is to use silicon carbide or type cooling device directly inside the electrolytic cotton tracing shell. 

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Its structure is shown in the figure(pink aluminum oxide). When the temperature reaches 104~130℃, the temperature of the heat outlet will be increased by 5℃, and the coke water will be sent to the heat source for use by even users. A large amount of waste heat is directly discharged into the air from this slit(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), and this part of the remaining tower can be effectively utilized through thermoelectric power generation technology.(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers portugal)

But at present, the side temperature of aluminum electrolytic planting of 320~400kA is basically around 280~400℃(brown fused alumina). The silicon carbide structure installed in the inner capital is relatively complex, with the characteristics of high exchange temperature and high heat exchange efficiency, which is convenient for the use of energy(arc fused alumina). The use of gas as the heat exchange medium is safe and convenient, and higher temperature gas can be exchanged.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers portugal)The water supply process is that the gas produced at a temperature of 120~18% ℃ passes through the shell side of the special-shaped button tube air heat exchanger(brown aluminum oxide suppliers), and exchanges heat with the cold water at an inlet temperature of about 20 ℃. The flue gas is at the same temperature(white fused alumina for refractory). The new wall-changing classic Yidu electrolysis plant is a type of heat-exchanging electrolyzer that collects waste heat from the wall.

At the same time(black aluminum oxide), it can mainly use the control of the heat exchange of the heat exchange system, the two-section electrolysis grid to help the screen degree and the control of the inner shape of the protective particle, so as to ensure the stable operation of the high number of electric assistants. For dry heat transfer media, most of the currently used are gases(silicon carbide companies). The transmission distance of high leakage gas is suspicious.(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers portugal)

The use of waste heat from the electrolysis of this low-grade heat source in thermoelectric power generation technology has obvious advantages(garnet abrasive price). Its use is restricted. Just preheat the anode and button oxide materials. my country is currently studying the use of NaNh-KNO-NaNO, molten salt system as the heat exchange medium(brown fused alumina size sand), and adopting this system to carry out the national income of electrolytic grid manufacturers.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers portugal)The power generation technology with the waste heat from the side wall of the electrolyzer is a conversion technology that directly specializes heat energy into electrical energy(white aluminium oxide). The waste heat power generation system is mainly composed of four parts: high thermal conductivity power generation module, differential power generation module, cooling module(glass beads supplier), electric energy extraction and completion module.

With the improvement of the industrial level of needle electrolysis and the continuous increase of electrolysis capacity or current(brown aluminium oxide), the heat dissipation intensity per unit area of the electrolysis cypress is also increasing, and the temperature of the side tank shell of the electrolysis plant will increase accordingly(green carborundum). The obtained high-temperature molten salt is used as a heating medium in pipeline dissolution in alumina production.(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers portugal)

The high thermal conductivity caution block is connected with the high temperature rain of the thermoelectric power generation module(silicon carbide price), and the thermoelectric power generation module is the thermogenic bacteria Connected with the cooling surface, the output of the thermoelectric power generation module and the electrical energy extraction are in line with the application module(black oxide aluminum). Mainly air, but some also use this.

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