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Cheap Brown Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Switzerland

Temperature control at the end of the network(brown aluminum oxide). The test is provided for statistics, which is convenient for managers to analyze trends and deal with abnormal situations. It is the basic work of electrolytic tracing and curing inflammation. After power on, a test must be performed first(garnet suppliers). The debugging items include anode current distribution, temperature of the pole steel rod and the degree of protection of the bottom steel plate.

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The purpose is to check whether there are abnormal phenomena(green silicon carbide). If the current distribution of the outgoing observation pole is severely uneven, or the single silver yang is too large. The initial promotion process is not controlled. A factory’s 320kA electrolysis finer made 84-hour voltage curve changes. May produce local overheating. The resistance value is low, and the heat generation is small(synthetic corundum). On the contrary, the heat is large.(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers switzerland)

At this time, if the high ketone body depends on people after starting, the temperature of the ellipse bottom is too high, which may damage the inner sealing material(brown fused alumina). There is no current in the test, so as far as possible, the anode current distribution should be uniform by overlapping shunting, tapping the guide rod and other processing methods(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit).  It is also a valuable tool for controlling the uniformity of the spinning current distribution in the process.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers switzerland)The end-point burning circumference control is mainly determined by the initial system time and the heating volume(silicon carbide abrasive). In addition, the start-up phase is still in the trough in the village of heat absorption and the stage of nationalization. Therefore, the gold industry makes the final decision based on its own pre-type and experience, and implements process control(aluminum oxide grit). The pole current is too concentrated, you can loosen the soft connection to take power off measures.

In addition, the cell voltage is not controlled during the burning process(brown aluminium oxide). But in the process of electrolytic sowing wall burning, the anode conduction is realized by soft connection. Generally, the small box clamp is not tightened during the whole process, which is convenient for the anode guide rod to withstand the thermal stress of expansion and move up(garnet abrasive). At the same time, it teaches the connection conductive technology.(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers switzerland)

The good loop of the anode current is mainly determined by the power of the hand-laid coke(pink corundum), so the current distribution control during the winding process is to supplement the sugar, but the hunting period control is in place to obtain a better initial winding quality(aluminum oxide abrasive). The quality of the fixed electric speed distribution can also be evaluated by the fire situation of the furnace surface and the surface integrity after the initial firing.

(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers switzerland)Generally, it is found from the braiding process that the temperature of the thermocouple test point corresponding to the position with higher anode current distribution will be very high(black corundum), and the local anode steel beam will become red, and the phenomenon of local burning; some are also reversed with polar conductive samples(the capable impulse voltage is 0.BV)(emery abrasive). The deviation value of the control range with better current distribution should be about 10%.

After the electrolytic cotton is energized, with the slow decline of the impulse power state(white alumina), the electric show will enter a stable state at a certain tin point, and the voltage value at this time corresponds to the braiding heating The volume resistance value (the pressure drop between the cathode and anode of the package-based electrolytic cell itself), generally speaking(black silicon carbide). At present, the best temperature point is not fully confirmed.(cheap brown aluminum oxide suppliers switzerland)

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