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Cheap Brown Corundum Manufacturers In UK

In the prior art, brown corundum is generally produced by alumina powder or alumina smelting in an electric arc furnace at high temperature. In the production of alumina powder, a certain amount of quartz sand is added in the arc melting process to remove sodium aluminate and limit the content of sodium aluminate in the 100 grit aluminum oxide white.

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When alumina is used to produce brown aluminum oxide, a certain amount of carbon and iron filings are added in the smelting process to remove impurities such as CaO, SiO2, and Fe2O3, so it consumes a lot of electricity. Researchers found that the content of alumina in aluminum ash waste produced during silicon carbide price processing is much higher than that in alumina, and the content of impurities such as silicon and iron is very small.

(cheap brown corundum manufacturers in uk)So far, white alumina ash waste has not been used, and many factories have piled up mountains, causing serious environmental pollution. Our company provides a method for producing brown corundum from aluminum ash waste, develops a new source of raw materials for the artificial green carborundum abrasive industry, and turns waste into treasure, eliminating pollution and beautifying the environment. 

The raw materials are black corundum ash waste; the aluminum ash waste is washed with water until the pH value of the washing water is 6 to 7; the cleaned aluminum ash waste is dried at a temperature of 200 to 800 ° C to a moisture content of less than 1%; the dried Add 0.5% to 1% of alumina abrasive ash to the aluminum ash waste and mix at a temperature of 1900 ~ 2500 ° C.(cheap brown corundum manufacturers in uk)

The technical solution of the brown corundum production method is realized as follows: The brown fused alumina production method has the following advantages: the raw material is aluminum ash waste generated during aluminum processing, so on the one hand it opens up a new source of raw materials for the silicon carbide companies abrasive industry, on the other hand it can turn waste into treasure, eliminating pollution and beautifying the environment.

(cheap brown corundum manufacturers in uk)Due to the high content of alumina in the aluminum ash waste, and its purity and few impurities, the pink corundum yield is high, and the content of impurities in the brown corundum is small. Generally, when the alumina is used to produce brown corundum, CaO, SiO2, Fe2O3 and other impurities should be filled Charging, iron filings, etc. consume a lot of electricity. The aluminum oxide abrasive raw materials used in this process save less electricity.

brown aluminium oxide is an artificial abrasive widely used in industry, mainly used for manufacturing abrasive tools, refractory materials, and the like. After testing, the production of brown corundum can save 500 ~ 1000 kWh / ton of electricity compared with the production of alumina. The smelted brown fused alumina is cooled, separated, crushed, air-selected, magnetic-selected, The sieving and other processes make aluminum oxide grit powder.(cheap brown corundum manufacturers in uk)

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