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Cheap Brown Corundum Suppliers In China

The castable refractory material consisting of white aluminium oxide and/or high-alumina clinker, silicon carbide, carbon, binder and admixture is mainly used as the inner lining of the blast furnace tapping groove, so it is also called iron groove refractory castable; Corundum is a main aggregate called corundum-carbide-carbonaceous castable, and green carborundum is the main aggregate called high alumina-silicon carbide-carbon castable.

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The brown fused alumina used in the preparation of such castables is generally fused corundum, including fused dense corundum, sub-white corundum (or high-aluminum corundum, bauxite-based fused corundum), brown corundum and the like. This is because the C in corundum is usually in the form of carbide (from C3). The carbide reacts with water to form methane and aluminum oxide abrasive hydroxide, and the corundum particles are powdered.(cheap brown corundum suppliers in china)

When preparing a black corundum castable, the high-aluminum clinker used is preferably a sintered or special high-alloy clinker having a low impurity content. If the amount is too large, the volume density will decrease, the strength will decrease, and the erosion resistance and erosion resistance will deteriorate. The silicon carbide companies raw material used for the batching generally adopts first or second grade black silicon carbide, and the sic content is not less than 97%.

(cheap brown corundum suppliers in china)The larger the Sic grain, the better, but generally the brown aluminum oxide is needle-shaped, and it is difficult to obtain the near-spherical sic. Therefore, sic is added in the form of fine particles and fine powder. The carbonaceous raw material may be asphalt, graphite, coke or waste electrode, carbon block or the like. The binder is a composite binder consisting of silica micropowder and aluminum oxide grit, which is a coagulation-hydration combined castable.

Dispersing agents generally employ sodium polyphosphate compounds. Due to the poor gas permeability of such pink corundum, it is easy to cause bursting due to rapid evaporation of water during the baking process. Therefore, an anti-explosive agent such as metal aluminum powder or chrome corundum lactate, guanidinium, explosion-proof fiber or the like is generally added. However, the amount of the anti-explosive agent should be strictly controlled.

(cheap brown corundum suppliers in china)Therefore, the lower the C content is, the better, the required white corundum powdering rate is less than 1%, otherwise it will be cracked or loosened during the baking process when it is formulated into a castable lineAr. For example, fused corundum must be used as aggregate in large-scale blast furnace tapping, while black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media can be used as aggregate in medium and small blast furnaces.

The ratio of refractory aggregate to silicon carbide price is generally (65-70): (35-30), and it can also be obtained according to the Andreassen equation with a particle size distribution coefficient of 9 and 0.26 to 0.35, but if self-flow or semi-self-flow is to be formulated. In the state of castable, the 9 value is 0.21 to 0.26 for the ingredients. The main requirement is that the carbon content in 60 grit aluminum oxide is less than 0.10%.(cheap brown corundum suppliers in china)

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