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Cheap Brown Corundum Wholesale Price South Korea

At present, China's brown fused alumina abrasive industry in general has entered a mature period of technology, some aspects and the level of foreign countries are comparable or even higher than the level of foreign countries. For example, China has developed a series of brown corundum stacking abrasives, as well as a series of brown corundum products for polishing, sandblasting, grinding, wear-resistant floor and other aspects.

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There are high-quality boron carbide, emery, calcium aluminate refining slag and other brown aluminum oxide. It is not only supplied to our country for use but also exported in large quantities and favored by foreign users. At present, China's brown corundum enterprises have further improved a series of processes such as full combustion, fuel saving, environmental protection, safety measures, etc. in one production line, greatly improving pink corundum production efficiency and product quality.

(cheap brown corundum wholesale price south korea)Now some foreign enterprises have learned our experience and technology and started to produce better brown corundum abrasives. However, the content of the selected brown corundum is still less than 95%, or it is a compact aggregate containing some impurities; and about 15% of the abrasives are silicon carbide abrasive crystal aggregates bonded together by a certain amount of glass glue, and lead brown corundum abrasives can grind soft steel and other metal workpieces.

Brown corundum polishing sand is also called brown aluminium oxide grain size sand. Customers should pay attention to the difference of grain size when choosing the brown corundum model. Generally, the grain size used for polishing is about 6-240 mesh. Brown corundum abrasives made of copper are soft and easy to embed larger green silicon carbide, which are suitable for rough grinding with large grinding allowance.(cheap brown corundum wholesale price south korea)

The application effect is very good. Now, many models used by white alumina manufacturers in the market are increasing to 800 mesh, and many customers choose their own grain size models during the use process. Through a lot of experiments, it has been proved that the coarse models of 20 mesh are rarely used now. Generally speaking, the aluminum oxide grit polishing sand is mostly used between 20-800 mesh, of which 150 mesh is a gold one, most of which are used.

(cheap brown corundum wholesale price south korea)In the later stage, with the requirements of many black corundum manufacturers for product quality and precision, the market of polishing sand is also broader, which makes the development prospect of polishing sand in the later stage more bright. The fine grain size is mostly used for polishing, while the coarse grain size is mostly used for rust removal and rough polishing. black silicon carbide powder is needed for fine polishing of precision food.

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