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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina 60 Grit Price Russia

After forming, there is no air hole in the section of the green body, brown aluminum oxide which is dense. Use dry materials to mix the mud on the blender and form the ball on the roller ball former. In order to improve the density of the billet, the secondary or multiple pelletizing process can be adopted. It can also be used in hydraulic press, friction press and other brown fused alumina factory presses. There are many closed pores in the plastic molding body.

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It is better to use hydraulic press to ensure uniform and aluminium oxide grit suppliers slow pressure and avoid overpressure cracks easily produced by fine materials. The pressure strength of the green body is 1.5-2.0mpa when it is laid horizontally and 0.8-1.0mpa when it is laid laterally. The diameter of the ball forming plate is 3.5 ~ 5.0m, which is placed obliquely. The obliqueness angle can be adjusted as required. There are also the use of two-step disc and drum into the corundum white ball, multiple drying production process.

(cheap brown fused alumina 60 grit price russia)Changing the size of the green body has little effect on the densification. The density of the green body is increased from 30-60mpa to 120MPa when the brown aluminium oxide material with particle size less than 10um accounting for more than 95% is pressed on the hydraulic press. Although the density of the green body is increased, the white fused alumina oxide mfg density of the clinker after calcination is not increased much, and the calcination temperature cannot be reduced.

The pressure of the pelletizer is 60 ~ 80MPa. The density of white alumina clinker produced by plastic method is obviously lower than that of the clinker produced by semi dry method, although the porosity can also reach the target of semi dry method after calcination at 1550 ~ 1750 ℃. After being calcined at 1750 ℃, the closed porosity of the plastic molding body is 8% ~ 8.5%, buy brown fused alumina while that of the semi dry molding body is 4% ~ 4.5% after being calcined at the same temperature.(cheap brown fused alumina 60 grit price russia)

Alcoa makes the ground black corundum into balls in the rotating cylinder, and sprays water continuously in the balls, so that the ball surface has certain viscosity, so that the ball can grow up like a snowball in the fine powder. The size of the ball is generally 6.35mm, and the diameter of the green body after the ball formation is 25.4-33.0mm. Generally, starch is used as the binder to increase its strength. Some adopt the white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit ball forming plate rolling ball.

(cheap brown fused alumina 60 grit price russia)At the same time, open the water pipe, brown fused alumina and let the boiling water spray on the disc. As the ball is rotated, the powder immediately forms a ball and rolls in the powder which is continuously discharged. The bigger the ball rolls, the ball rolls to 30 to 35mm, allowing the ball to roll again at the bottom of the powder free disk, improve the intensity and density of the white fused aluminum oxide ball, and then discharge it into a ball disc, passing through the conveyor belt. To the dryer.

It is suitable to use industrial pink corundum fine powder pressing ball as the molding method of producing sintered corundum clinker. The density of sintered corundum clinker produced by this method is the same as that of semi dry forming of green body clinker. It is easy to produce layered structure in the process of ball rolling, allowing the ball to roll, white aluminum oxide blast media which is easy to be broken after calcination. It is not easy to form layered structure by pressing the ball.(cheap brown fused alumina 60 grit price russia)

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