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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina 60 Grit Suppliers UK

For example, the peak height of the exothermic peak decreases with the decrease in the content of kaolinite, corundum abrasive while the peak height of the endothermic valley decreases with the decrease in the content of gibbsite or kaolinite. In addition to gibbsite and kaolinite in bauxite, it also contains boehmite (also known as pomerite, boehmite, with the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media chemical formula -AlaO · HO).

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At 575 ° C, between gibbsite and kaolinite, the first endothermic valley is broad and flat. The bauxite used for black corundum smelting is now made of cooked alumina, that is, the bauxite that has been roasted to remove moisture. According to the degree of dehydration of the alumina and the water absorption of the mature alumina, the baking temperature of the aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive is determined to be 1000 ~ 1200 ° C.(cheap brown fused alumina 60 grit suppliers uk)

The advantages of using cooked bauxite are that it can make the brown fused alumina furnace stable and easy to operate; it can reduce the power consumption of smelting aluminum oxide 40 grit by 12% to 18%; it can increase the productivity of electric arc furnaces; it can reduce the dust rate in the production area and improve working conditions ; It can also reduce the transportation cost from the mining area to the user by 15% to 25%.

According to the ratio of endothermic valley, exothermic peak temperature and peak valley height, the main pink corundum minerals and content in bauxite can be judged. If the endothermic and exothermic curves of kaolinite do not appear, it indicates that the presence of kaolinite in this type of bauxite is very small. The overall economic benefit of using cooked alumina is to reduce the production cost of aluminum oxide abrasive media by 3% to 5%.

(cheap brown fused alumina 60 grit suppliers uk)The quality requirements of alumina for the production of brown aluminum oxide are: chemical composition, dehydration degree, melting point and lumpiness. At the same time, the carbon monoxide gas generated by the reduction increases, and it is not easy to be discharged at any time, which affects the normal progress of the reaction in the alumina abrasive furnace and may also cause a spray furnace accident in severe cases.

For the chemical composition of alumina for black aluminum oxide media production, all but alumina are considered impurities. Because corundum smelting is an electrothermal operation where the melting point of the product is higher than the melting point of the mixed charge, the use of high melting point blending ingredients is important for 60 grit aluminum oxide smelting. Peak temperature is not obvious.(cheap brown fused alumina 60 grit suppliers uk)

According to literature data and domestic recommended standards, the chemical composition of cooked brown aluminium oxide used for smelting corundum abrasives. The main reason is that the viscosity of the melt in the furnace becomes larger, and the furnace charge is easy to be covered, and the electrode head will be crusted. The fewer impurities, the higher the melting point of the white alumina powder melt.  

(cheap brown fused alumina 60 grit suppliers uk)Moreover, the amount of ferrosilicon produced by reduction increases, and the phenomenon of incomplete ferrosilicon settling in the white alumina furnace will occur, causing a large amount of ferrosilicon inclusions when the corundum crystallizes. Production practice shows that when the silica content exceeds the standard, 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media smelting is prone to operational obstacles.

The most demanding requirement is that the alumina grit mass should be compatible with the capacity of the electric furnace and the particle size of the carbon material. The particle size of the carbon material can increase as the capacity of the electric furnace increases. The sieve aperture of processed bauxite can be selected to be 5 times the pore diameter of the 150 grit aluminum oxide processed carbon material.

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