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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Factory In China

The special sand for sand blasting with brown fused alumina is 16 × 24 × 80 × 120 × 150 × 180 × brown corundum sand. After dry cleaning, cleaning, even particle size, high hardness, clean and aluminum content is more than 95%. Brown corundum is made of bauxite, coke (anthracite) and iron filings, which are melted and brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers crystallized in high temperature in electric arc furnace.

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Is the special sand for sand blasting with brown aluminum oxide for shot blasting machine? The abrasives made of it are suitable for grinding metals with high tensile strength. They can cut and grind all kinds of general steel, carbon steel, general alloy steel, malleable green steel, hard green steel, etc. and they can also be used as high-grade refractories. They are widely used in sand blasting abrasives of iron and steel, white fused alumina price chemical industry and other industries.(cheap brown fused alumina factory in china)

Sandblasting Abrasives have the characteristics of short grinding time, high efficiency, good efficiency and low price. The brown aluminium oxide product has moderate hardness, high toughness, good self sharpening, low sand consumption, recyclable, good grinding surface, stable chemical composition, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Rust removal, 100 grit aluminum oxide white decontamination and deoxidization of iron workpieces, increase the adhesion of coating and coating.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory in china)The white alumina has a shell like fracture with sharp edges and corners, which can form new edges and edges in continuous grinding and grading, making its grinding ability superior to other abrasives. In particular, it has the advantages of high hardness, high specific gravity, stable chemical properties and unique self sharpening, etc. it has become the first choice of white fused alumina manufacturer abrasives for sandblasting process.

The abrasive materials, black corundum which are made by careful hydraulic screening, mechanical processing, screening and grading, are mainly used for grinding glass products, industrial derusting and water cutting, etc . necessary raw materials of sand; At the same time, it is also sand blasting and derusting to clean the white fused alumina suppliers workpiece. The purpose of sand blasting is to clean the stainless steel surface, remove welding slag and matte effect.(cheap brown fused alumina factory in china)

 Let's tell you something about this. Our pink corundum company can also customize various emery abrasive for the user according to the user's technical process conditions and user's requirements: shipyard, shipyard, steel structure factory, brown fused aluminium oxide micropowder factory, grinding wheel factory, sandpaper and abrasive cloth factory, construction floor industry, steel industry and hardware industry Electronic industry, automobile manufacturing industry.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory in china)They are made of high-quality brown fused alumina manufacturer with modern new unique technology. It can be used as a good wear-resistant material for the construction of highway pavement, aircraft runway, wear-resistant rubber, industrial floor, anti-skid paint, etc., as a medium for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, water treatment filtration and drilling mud weighting agent, and low density white alumina has a good effect on the protection of electroplating and nuclear pollution.

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Brown Fused Alumina And White Fused Alumina MOQ: 1 Ton! 19 Years Manufacturing Exprience, 35,000m² Workshop Area, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery!

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