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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Factory In USA

The word "beauty" originated from "kosmetikos" in ancient Greece, brown aluminium oxide which means "decoration". In the book of simplicity, it is recorded: "the moments of simplicity can only be preserved, and the rules of change can only be beautified.". The contents can also protect the brown fused alumina 60 grit objects, and the schedule of the objects. It can be beautiful, stupid, healthy and happy.

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With the development of society and the white alumina progress of science and technology, beauty has been constantly changing and improving from content to form. The love of beauty is what everyone has. Microcrystalline dermabrasion facial plastic surgery is to use small sand like crystals, green carborundum which are sprayed on the skin surface at high speed under vacuum, and then sucked back by another pipe.(cheap brown fused alumina factory in usa)

Microcrystalline particles are small and have uniform effect. Its mechanism is to remove the dead skin cells on the black corundum surface, improve the skin's regeneration ability and skin texture, improve cell tissue, effectively reduce small wrinkles, smooth some scars, such as acne scars, and other non smooth problems on the skin, so that the skin becomes more smooth and fine, silicon carbide companies some surgical incision scars.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory in usa)Today, I'd like to introduce the pink corundum "microdermabrasion", which is closely related to the abrasive tool industry. At the same time, it can stimulate the regeneration of dermis and increase the elasticity of skin. The traditional skin grinding is a kind of treatment method which uses abrasive paper, arc fused alumina grinding wheel or steel wheel grinding head to grind the uneven skin or color spots, so as to make the skin flat and eliminate the color spots.

However, the brown fused alumina grinding technology is rough, difficult to master, local, bleeding prone, long postoperative recovery time, complex dressing, and difficult for patients to accept. When using the high-speed rotary grinder, the rotation speed of the steel sand grinding head installed at its tip can reach 3000-3500 revolutions per minute. If you don't pay attention fused alumina, you may have accidents, resulting in skin cutting injury or eye damage.(cheap brown fused alumina factory in usa)

In order to overcome the above defects, in recent years, plastic surgeons in Europe have worked closely with silicon carbide price engineers and technicians to jointly develop microcrystalline dermabrasion technology and equipment. Its principle is tiny corundum polycrystal (referred to as microcrystalline), which is guided by a vacuum sealing system and hit on the black oxide aluminum surface of uneven skin scars to achieve the effect of friction and scar leveling.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory in usa)When they rub with scars and other brown aluminum oxide tissues, their surfaces are bonded with the worn off tissue debris and tissue fluid, making the original edges and corners of the crystal blunt, so that the grinding will not be too deep, easy to control, and the effect is better. For example, microcrystalline dermabrasion can be performed on the glass beads supplier skin after acne, burn scars, pigment spots, freckles, rough skin and micro wrinkles.

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Brown Fused Alumina And White Fused Alumina MOQ: 1 Ton! 19 Years Manufacturing Exprience, 35,000m² Workshop Area, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery!

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