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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Factory Pakistan

The brown aluminium oxide, binders and auxiliary materials are matched mechanically or manually according to the technological procedures, so that the binders and auxiliary materials are uniformly adhered to the abrasives, and the forming materials with looseness and plasticity are made. Counter current mixer: buy brown fused alumina suitable for the mixing of powder resin and liquid resin. 

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Features of the white alumina equipment: the mixture is uniform and loose, with few dead angle materials, easy to discharge, easy to clean, high production efficiency, and the equipment is not easy to wear. Working principle: there are two groups of plow plates, the white aluminum oxide blast media efficiency is low, uniform mixing, low heat generation, it is composed of a horizontal rotating container and a rotating vertical stirring blade.(cheap brown fused alumina factory pakistan)

When the molding material is stirred, the container turns to the left and the blade turns to the right. Due to the effect of black corundum countercurrent, the movement directions of the particles of the molding material cross and the chances of contacting each other increase. The countercurrent mixer has small extrusion pressure on the brown fused aluminum oxide factory material, high mixing efficiency and even mixing. On this basis, the plow plate mixer has been improved.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory pakistan)The pink corundum material pan in the structure is basically the same as the countercurrent type, but the stirring knife is changed into a fixed plow plate, only the material pan rotates, one group makes the material turn outwards, the other group makes the material turn inwards, and the material is continuously separated and turned in the mixing process. Double shaft blade mixer: suitable for white aluminium oxide manufacturer mixing liquid resin molding materials.

Working principle: it is composed of two "s" shaped blades, white fused aluminum oxide which rotate at different speeds (speed ratio is usually close to 1:2) and in opposite directions, so that the molding material can mix. Equipment features: loose mixture, good formability, simple discharging, less leftover material, white aluminum oxide 220 grit high production efficiency, but high heat generated by mixing. Wheel rolling machine: suitable for mixing liquid resin molding materials.(cheap brown fused alumina factory pakistan)

Equipment features: the mixing is very uniform, but the time is long, the discharging is not clean, there are many dead angle brown fused alumina materials, and it is not easy to clean. Working principle: it is a mixing mechanism composed of a grinding plate and two or one grinding wheel. Under the action of friction, the roller rotates and rolls the brown aluminum oxide 70 grit materials, and quick wear of cutter and pot body. Therefore, it is also called "double axis S-type mixer".

(cheap brown fused alumina factory pakistan)The roller is driven by an electric motor. The scraping plate and a small shovel are used to loosen the brown aluminum oxide materials, so as to make the materials mix evenly. Ball mill mixer: it is suitable for dry mixing of abrasives and various powdery materials. Equipment features: long time mixing, very even mixture, white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit simple equipment and easy operation. The powder resin grinding tool is required to have good looseness for spreading and forming.

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