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The garnet suppliers solid solution law of various elements in complex copper alloy plays an important role in the performance of sintered super hard abrasive. The components of metal bond are framework material, bonding metal, forming carbide element, improving the mechanical properties of bond element and filler. The solubility of each element in copper alloy is different, fused alumina which can form continuous solid.

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The skeleton material is to add WC, Ti and other hard point brown fused alumina materials to bronze bond and drill based bond to improve the bond strength, hardness, wear resistance and other properties. To increase toughness, nodular cast iron fiber was added. In the sintering process, the binder forms a liquid phase (adhesive phase), silicon carbide price and the hard point material acts as a crystal skeleton. Carbide forming elements include Cr, Ti, W, Mo, etc.

The liquid phase fills the pores of the skeleton phase to achieve dense sintering, so that the strength, brown aluminum oxide hardness and wear resistance of the sintered products can meet the requirements of controlling the super hard abrasive particles, so as to avoid the green carborundum premature falling off of the super hard abrasive particles due to the non wear resistance of the binder. The most widely used bonding metal is copper base alloy.

When the amount of hard point material is less than 20% (mass), the hardness of brown aluminium oxide tools does not change much. When WC and Ti are not added into the bronze bond, the bending strength is 813.4mpa, the hardness is 14.3hrc, when WC and Ti are added, the bending strength is 1021mpa and the silicon carbide companies hardness is 15.0hrc. When WC and Ti are added, the bending strength is 1527mpa and the hardness is 23hrc.

When WC and Ti are not added to the drilling base system, the bending strength is 934mpa, the white alumina hardness is 15.8hrc, 15% and 1% respectively, the bending strength is 1227mpa, the hardness is 16.2hrc, 25% and 1.5% respectively, the bending strength is 1527mpa and the hardness is 24hrc. Superhard Abrasives need to be sintered below 1000 ℃. The arc fused alumina melting point of copper base alloy can meet the requirement of 1000 ℃.

The dosage is 1% ~ 5%. There are many kinds of black corundum metal elements such as copper, pot, zinc, nickel, manganese, diamond, iron, lead, aluminum, wrinkling, titanium, chromium, molybdenum and other non-metallic additives such as graphite, feao, WC in the copper based binder, so the black oxide aluminum binding phase in the bond after sintering of superhard abrasive tools is not simple bronze or brass, but complex multi bronze or white copper.

The relationship between the pink corundum composition and content of the metal bond and its properties must be analyzed through the alloy phase diagram to understand the crystal state and microstructure of the alloy, so as to grasp the relevant laws of the metal bond and guide the production of superhard grinding tools. These elements can form carbides with superhard abrasives and glass beads supplier improve the bond strength of bond to diamond and CBN.

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