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Therefore, if the glass bead blasting media suppliers surface roughness requirements of the workpiece are the same, the abrasive grain size of the abrasive belt should be No. 1 smaller than that of the abrasive wheel. For example, the surface grinder uses p36-p46 grinding wheel. If the steel grid abrasive belt is used, p46-p60 can be used. The value is generally 0.8-0.4um. If the belt is used, p80 ~ P100 should be selected. 

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If the contact area between the belt and the brown fused alumina workpiece is large, the coarse particle size should be selected; otherwise, the fine particle size should be selected. The selection of abrasive grain size should also be combined with the stability and operation skills of the grinder to achieve good results. If the lubricating oil is used as the coolant, the green carborundum grinding tool should be finer in size.(cheap brown fused alumina factory russia)

When the requirements of brown aluminum oxide workpiece roughness are the same, the fine grain size should be used for the belt with high linear velocity, and the coarse grain size should be used for the belt with low linear velocity. For example, for the surface sanding of plywood, the surface speed of the roll sander is 15-20 M / s, and the silicon carbide companies particle size is p36-p46. In the past, the solution was to use a lot of coolant or compressed air, or even brush.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory russia)Of course, when brown aluminium oxide processing metal materials and non-metal materials, if the surface quality requirements of the two are similar, the fine-grained is used for processing metal workpieces; the coarse-grained is used for processing non-metal workpieces. When processing the same kind of workpiece, the coarse abrasive particle size is selected for dry grinding and the fine particle size is selected for wet grinding. This is the physical model of arc fused alumina grinding process.

Therefore, when processing the white alumina workpiece of the same material, the grain size of the surface grinding belt should be slightly coarser than that of the external grinding belt. However, using the equivalent grinding layer thickness as the basic parameter also has the following limitations. When the fused alumina wide-band sander is used, the linear speed of the abrasive belt is 32 m / s, and the abrasive particle size is P60.(cheap brown fused alumina factory russia)

The black corundum particle size shall be selected according to the material of the workpiece to be processed. When processing metals with larger toughness or softer performance, such as brass, copper, soft bronze, aluminum and aluminum alloy, lead and lead alloy, abrasive belt is easy to be blocked by abrasive chips, so it is better to choose coarser particle size; while when glass beads supplier processing steel with higher hardness, it is better to choose coarser particle size.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory russia)Obviously, the above methods are not perfect. Some pink corundum materials are not suitable to be processed with cooling liquid at all, such as cork products, high-grade lacquered wood appliances, etc.; some metal processing can use cooling liquid, but the workplace is easy to be polluted. In order to solve the problem of black oxide aluminum workpiece blocking, a good way is to use the sand cloth and sandpaper of thin planting sand mold.

Because in the grinding of easy to grind materials and silicon carbide price keeping the grinding wheel sharp, the grinding force is mainly chip deformation force; in the grinding of difficult to machine materials, the grinding wheel is easy to block and wear, the grinding force is mainly friction force, and the chip deformation force only accounts for a small proportion, at this time, the equivalent grinding layer thickness is far from enough to determine the value of garnet suppliers grinding force.

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