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Adding iron filings in brown aluminium oxide smelting can make silicon concentration in ferrosilicon alloy below 16%, which is favorable for reduction reaction of silicon oxide. The reduction of silica depends on the carbon dissolved in iron. The brown aluminum oxide 70 grit melting degree of carbon in ferrosilicon melt decreases with the increase of silicon content. In other words, silicon can push carbon out of ferrosilicon melt.

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The reduction of SiO2 is difficult due to the decrease of carbon concentration in the white alumina melt. Then titanium oxide is reduced. The reduction of titanium oxide is also carried out under the condition of iron participation. The reduction reaction is: Ti2O. + 3C + 6fe = 2Fe, Ti + 3c0-q in the smelting of white aluminium oxide manufacturer, if the temperature is too high, the reduction reaction of alumina will also occur: Al2O, + 2Fe + 3C = 2al-fe + 3c0-q.(cheap brown fused alumina factory taiwan)

In the smelting of black corundum, all kinds of oxides can be reduced not only by carbon, but also by metals with high affinity to oxygen, which is called "metal hot melt reduction reaction". The white aluminum oxide 220 grit reaction formula is: 2FeO + Si = 2Fe + Si02 + Q, 2FeO + Ti = 2Fe + Ti02 + Q, 3feo + 2Al = 3Fe + Al2O3 + Q, SiO2 + Ti = Si + Ti02 + Q, 3 / 2si02 + 2Al = 3 / 2Si + Al2O3 + Q, 3 / 2tio2 + 2Al = 3 / 2Ti + Al2O3 + Q. 

(cheap brown fused alumina factory taiwan)The oxides such as Fe and SiO2, which are easy to be reduced in the melt, will lose their oxygen and exchange it to brown fused alumina or titanium in the ferroalloy. When the ferroalloy in the form of small droplets sinks in the melt, the above reaction will take place between them. There are five compounds in the system, but only calcium hexaaluminate is found in the brown aluminium oxide manufacturer group. Titanium oxide exists as TiO in bauxite. 

The results show that the pink corundum and titanium contained in the ferroalloy are oxidized again and transferred into the melt with the settlement and agglomeration of the ferroalloy droplets. The content of iron and silicon in the alloy increases continuously, and finally the ferrosilicon alloy at the bottom of the furnace is agglomerated. After white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit smelting, the melt cools and crystallizes slowly.(cheap brown fused alumina factory taiwan)

In order to study the rule of mineral formation in the process of brown aluminum oxide crystallization and guide the production, it is necessary to understand the systematic phase diagram of brown fused alumina for grinding and impurity oxides. There is only one uniform melting compound, 3Al2O3 · 2SiO2 mullite (as2) in the system. Its mass composition is 71.8% Al2O3 and 28.2% SiO2. Its melting point is 1810 ℃, and its microhardness is 9555mpa.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory taiwan)The guiding significance of the system phase diagram for the production of black silicon carbide: SiO2 will reduce the melting point of A12O3, but not violently; SiO2 will not reduce the crystallization range of a-Al2O3 seriously; when the melt cools, the first precipitation is a-Al2O3, when the liquid temperature drops to 1810 ℃, all the brown aluminum oxide blast media liquid phase condenses into a-Al2O3 and mullite solid solution.

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