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If the temperature continues to rise, the amount of liquid phase in the sample will continue to increase, so that the original shape of the brown fused alumina sample can not be maintained and deformed, then the temperature is called softening temperature (T). After this temperature, a series of high temperature chemical reactions occurred, and the aluminium oxide abrasive grit porosity and shrinkage of the samples were abnormal.

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Generally speaking, the interval of porosity and shrinkage change degree between brown aluminum oxide complete sintering and initial softening is called sintering range. After drying, clay has the ability to absorb water in the atmosphere, which is called water absorption. The degree of influence is related to the content of Fe2O3, TiO2 and other impurities. Calcium feldspar is easy to promote binder to form coarse green carborundum crystal, which is usually not used as binder raw material.

Generally, the sintering range of high-quality kaolin is 200 ℃, and that of impure clay is 150 ℃. In a certain heating system, the fire resistance is measured when the top of the brown aluminium oxide cone is bent to the plane of the bottom of the cone. The theoretical melting temperature of K-feldspar is 1190 ℃, because K-feldspar is the solid solution of two kinds of feldspar, and it contains quartz, mica, iron oxide and other impurities. The silicon carbide companies melting range of K-feldspar is 1130 ~ 1450 ℃.

Therefore, K-feldspar is used as the white alumina binding material. The fire resistance of clay mainly depends on its chemical composition. According to the ratio of raw materials to judge its fire resistance. The larger the ratio, the higher the refractoriness and the wider the sintering range. It reflects the performance that clay clay can stick to each other and not disperse after arc fused alumina drying. Plagioclase. The combination of clay is reflected in its ability to combine non plastic materials.

Its size is related to plasticity.The water absorption of clay is large, black corundum which is easy to lead to inaccuracy of batching and moisture return of dry billets. Dry billets should be stored in dry places to prevent water absorption. Due to the presence of organic matter and other impurities, clay is dyed into various colors, such as gray, light gray, yellow, brown, purple, green, black and so on. Iron and titanium compounds have the greatest influence on the color after black oxide aluminum sintering.

It is the solid solution of albite and calcium feldspar. Generally, albite is called when the pink corundum content of calcium feldspar is less than 10%, and calcium feldspar when the content of sodium feldspar is less than 10%. Plagioclase is white or light gray in appearance. At high temperature, albite has larger coefficient of thermal expansion, lower viscosity of liquid phase, and changes rapidly with the rise of temperature, fused alumina which is easy to cause deformation of damaged parts.

Considering the production control, it is hoped that the sintering range on the adhesive will be wider. In production, silicon carbide price water absorption is often used to reflect the sintering degree of raw materials. As a flux material, alkali or alkaline earth metal content is higher. The initial melting temperature of K-feldspar is low (about 1130 ℃), the melting temperature range is large, and the melt viscosity changes slowly with the temperature, glass beads supplier which is conducive to firing.

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