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The above reaction causes the volume to expand and contract, and a large amount of gas is generated. Therefore, the 150 grit aluminum oxide masonry will inevitably crack and powder when it is baked or heated. The pressure is 0.5 MPa and the temperature is 152 ° C. After 3 hours of treatment, the weight change rate and 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media powdering rate are measured.

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The heating powdering test is to take silicon carbide abrasive samples with three particle sizes of 8 to 5mm, 5 to 3mm, and 3 to 1mm, and burn to 800 ° C for 30 minutes in an oxidizing atmosphere to determine the powdering status: use 3 to 1mm samples to measure powdering. Ratio, and the color change was measured using 8 to 5 mm and 5 to 3 mm samples. Dense corundum has different cooling rates due to different 60 grit aluminum oxide parts in the receiving bag.(cheap brown fused alumina factory uk)

It is well known that the above pink corundum samples are burned to 800 ° C and then cooled to normal temperature. The appearance color before burning should be basically maintained, and they should not turn white. Individual whitening, the proportion should be less than 1%. Determine the weight change rate of the sample after firing to 800 ℃, the increase or decrease value should be less than 0.2%. A high-pressure steamer can also be used to process the white alumina powder sample.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory uk)The black corundum pulverization rate, that is, the value-added amount less than 1mm should be less than 0.2%. Immerse the granular material in water, the water should be twice as high as the material surface, and then stir the material vigorously for 2min. After separating the water from the material, dip the litmus paper on the alumina abrasive material and observe the color change of the litmus paper. Corundum polycrystalline aggregate composed of plate-like crystals.

Therefore, the crystal of brown fused alumina is divided into two layers. Generally, the upper layer has well-developed crystals, the color is bright, and the lower layer is dark. Observed with a microscope, the main crystal phases of the upper and lower layers of the frit are corundum, the crystals are embedded with each other, the structure is dense, and the black silicon carbide grain size is not much different. The color is between pH Values between 7 and 8 are acceptable.(cheap brown fused alumina factory uk)

The upper frit grain size is 100 ~ 400um, brown aluminum oxide which constitutes a dense tank embedded structure. The lower frit grains are 200 ~ 500um, forming a dense mosaic structure. Using fused plate-shaped corundum as a ceramic roller rod ingredient instead of the original fused aluminum oxide abrasive media has a significant effect on improving the thermal shock resistance of the roller rod. After staining with alizarin, the incomplete conversion is red.

(cheap brown fused alumina factory uk)There are trace impurity inclusions and glass phases in the upper and lower frit crystals. The slab-shaped white alumina was developed by Aluminum Corporation of America (ALCOA). Sintered corundum produced by the sintering method. Tianjin University used the sintering method to prepare plate-shaped aluminum oxide 40 grit, and used the electrofusion method to prepare plate-shaped corundum with success, and the entire light is gray. 

Plutonium can also be identified with alizarin. Special fire-resistant materials are made of brown aluminium oxide pre-fired at 1450 ~ 1550 ℃, about 60% is less than 3um, true porosity is not greater than 4.5%, flexural strength is about 200MPa, E breakdown is about 16-18kV / mm; As mentioned, the industrial alumina calcination is very important, green silicon carbide which not only affects the process performance, but also the material performance.

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