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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina For Abrasive Suppliers

Fuel flame combustion requires a special and complex fuel combustion device(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). The method is complex, the operation is difficult, the maintenance of the device is large, and the fuel consumption (energy consumption) in the melting and combustion process is high(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The former is usually used on the first and second tanks when the new electrolysis plant is started and there is no ready-made liquid electrolyte. 

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People have concerns about the safety of using fuel and gas (especially gas) in electrolytic high-temperature environment(aluminum oxide blast media). From the perspective of the process itself, the biggest disadvantage of this method is cathode oxidation. However, it still can not solve the oxidation problem caused by poor sealing and air leakage(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). The necessary condition for start-up is: 0~70% of the cathode surface area has reached 900°C or more(white fused alumina suppliers).

For large-scale electrolysis, due to the large cathode surface area of electrolytic bottom inspection, the aluminum liquid begins to solidify before it fills the cathode surface(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). Finally, the qualitative comparison of the application effects of three melting and sintering methods in large-scale pre culture was made(aluminum oxide blast media canada). Although it can burn the raw paste on the side wall, it is easy to produce vertical cracks and surface spalling.

How to ensure that the aluminum liquid fills the cathode surface in liquid form before power on has become a difficult problem(wholesale brown fused alumina). Its biggest disadvantage is that in the process of electrolytic planting, culture and burning, it is difficult to ensure the uniform distribution of current due to the impossibility of completely uniform carbon particles(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). After the aluminum reduction cell is burned, it enters the start-up stage(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media).

At present(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), it should be pointed out that due to the different maturity of each method, the implementation effects of the same method in different enterprises or under different conditions are also different(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). In addition, each method has both advantages and disadvantages in some comparison items (such as temperature distribution uniformity). Therefore, some qualitative comparisons are uncertain or split(aluminium oxide blast media).

This method is in the trial stage in China(brown fused alumina suppliers). It is difficult to control the oxygen content of high-temperature flue gas and the sealing of combustion space, and it is difficult to solve the problem that the cathode surface is oxidized by flue gas and air. In serious cases, the cathode carbon block and paste stripping seam burn(sandblasting sand). When the electrolyte height reaches 25~30cm, the effect will be extinguished artificially(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). 

In order to avoid cathodic oxidation(china aluminum oxide sandblasting), it is possible to heat the steel plate when laying the cathode surface(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). That is to use the electric fox high temperature generated between the cathode and anode of the electrolytic cell to melt the solid cryolite into liquid electrolyte. Cathode oxidation has become an important hidden danger leading to the early damage of electrolytic cell(pink aluminum oxide). The effect duration is 25~30 minutes.

The method is to continuously add water cryolite between the cathode and anode of the molten electrolytic tank, and slowly raise the anode(aluminum oxide wholesale). Although the anode separates from the cathode, a strong electric isolation will be generated to form a bright temperature, which will melt the cryolite(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). When there is a proper height of liquid electrolyte in the cell, It can cause anode effect and accelerate electrolyte melting.

After the liquid electrolyte with sufficient height is reached(black silicon carbide), the oxidation button is added to extinguish the anode effect, the voltage is maintained at 6 ~ 8V, after a period of time (more than 24 hours), an appropriate amount of lead liquid is filled, the electrolytic concentrate enters the production stage, and the start-up is over(garnet abrasive suppliers). The arc is generated on the anode and the surface of the molten aluminum(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). 

When the first and second tanks of the new plant are started without liquid aluminum water, aluminum sharp can be slowly added into the tank to gradually melt, and the wrong voltage is higher to supplement the heat of melting lead lake(black aluminum oxide). Before starting the electrolytic cell for dry melting of molten aluminum, there is a layer of liquid fault on the surface of the cathode(white aluminum oxide blast media). The lead water plays a role in protecting the cathode(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers).

When the dry method is started, the anode must be lifted carefully(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). Due to the strong electrical isolation between the two poles at the beginning of the dry process, the surface of the cathode and anode will be seriously damaged, especially the damage of the cathode surface will affect the life of the electrolytic cell, especially the electrolysis inspection after the start-up of the coke particle sintering furnace(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). 

There are two starting methods commonly used, namely dry automatic and wet starting(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). When starting in a series with production tanks Most of them use wet start. During the artificial effect, the cryolite used for heat preservation on the anode can be pushed into the tank to melt(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). For wet start-up, another necessary condition is that more than 60% of the area in the tank has 10~15cm of molten electrolyte(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers).

Until there is enough liquid electrolyte(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). However, the installation of these devices prevents the heat transfer of the burning high-temperature flue gas to the cathode on the one hand, so that the advantages of fuel sintering cannot be fully utilized(white fused alumina). On the other hand, a large amount of To control the combustion of the cathode carbon block, the piercing seam and the edge piercing paste, the operation is further complicated(china brown fused alumina manufacturers).

Wet start is to pour a certain amount of liquid electrolyte into the electrolyzer to be started, and at the same time lift the anode, which gradually induces artificial effects (and there are also artificial effects that are not allowed to occur)(green silicon carbide). If the amount of electrolyte is insufficient, cryolite needs to be put in until the liquid electrolyte reaches the specified height, a certain amount of alumina can be put in to extinguish the effect(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers).

Especially during the effect period(vietnam aluminum oxide), add Cryolite as needed(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). And after the effect is extinguished, a higher tank voltage should be maintained, generally 6~8V, medium and small precision is based on ~10V, after maintaining for a period of time (more than 24 hours), pour a certain amount of lead liquid into the tank as the tank In the production of aluminum, the anode insulation material is added, and the start-up is over(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa).

At the beginning, it must not be lifted too fast to prevent a strong period of explosion, damage to the electrolysis Uenai village, and accidents(how to choose white fused alumina). Wet start is compared with dry start. It has the advantages of power saving, operation obstruction, low labor intensity, safety and reliability, etc., especially without damage to the cathode inner material, so most electrolyzers are started by wet method(cheap brown fused alumina for abrasive suppliers). Especially serious(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit).

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