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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Poland

Bonite is a new type of synthetic dense refractory brown fused alumina raw material based on the mineral phase of calcium hexaaluminate (CA6). The microporous lightweight aggregate with CA6 as the main crystalline phase has been available since 1998. Bonnet is a dense raw material that can be widely used in shaped and unshaped refractories. Not only can be used as aggregate, but also can be added in the form of synthetic corundum fine powder.

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Almatis Aluminium (formerly Alcoa) claims that the plate-shaped brown aluminum oxide To / Ts4 is a high-purity sintered corundum raw material, which is quickly sintered without any sintering aid and ultra-high temperature exceeding 1800 ° C. Its excellent volume stability and thermal shock resistance are attributed to its special microstructure, low porosity and large emery abrasive crystals with closed pores formed during recrystallization under fast sintering conditions.(cheap brown fused alumina for grinding poland)

During the firing process, by controlling the appropriate amount of feed and brown aluminium oxide process conditions (such as temperature regime), it can reach CaO-Al2O3. If a completely molten CAs compound is cooled, the corundum first crystallizes at about 1980 ° C. Assuming that the cooling conditions ensure that the phase equilibrium is reached at 1830 ℃, the garnet abrasive phase (about 45% of the total mass) will completely react with the remaining liquid phase to form CAs.

(cheap brown fused alumina for grinding poland)CAs has a high fire resistance, low solubility in iron-containing slag, silicon carbide abrasive high stability in a reducing atmosphere (such as CO), good chemical stability in alkaline environments, and good moisturization of molten metal and slag Low wettability (ie steel and non-ferrous metals). The linear expansion coefficient of CAs (8.0 × 10 ~ 6 ℃ 1, 20 ~ 1000 ℃) is similar to Al2O3. This allows black silicon carbide and Bonnet to be used in any proportion.

Its melting point is 1830 ° C. CAs show the melting characteristics, pink corundum which is very important for the preparation of dense CA6 aggregates. It can avoid the occurrence of the melting process and can prepare raw materials with uniform phase composition. Therefore, only ultra-high temperature sintering processes like the production of plate-shaped aluminum oxide grit can be used to produce dense CA. Aggregate-Bonnet.(cheap brown fused alumina for grinding poland)

The equilibrium state shown in the phase diagram allows the preparation of black corundum products with uniform phase composition and stable physicochemical properties. Bonnet consists of 90% CAs, a small amount of corundum and trace CA2. Bonnet's bulk density is 3.0 g / cm, which is about 90% of the theoretical density. The aluminum oxide abrasive microstructure is characterized by tightly combined plate-like CA6 crystals and a small amount of intergranular micropores.

(cheap brown fused alumina for grinding poland)Under industrial melting conditions, such as fused white alumina, only a small portion of corundum crystals react with the liquid phase to form CAs, and the remaining CaO-rich liquid phase will crystallize to form CA under unbalanced conditions: (arrow 3 ), CA (arrow 4), and even C12Ay (arrow 5), green silicon carbide resulting in a product different from CAe. At high temperatures, volume expansion due to the formation of new phases does not occur.

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